BTS’s Former Makeup Artist Breaks Down How They Used Makeup To Destroy Gender Norms

Whether they’re wearing skirts and corsets or empowering women with “21st Century Girl”, the BTS members aren’t afraid to break gender norms.

Jimin wearing a skirt in “Butter” concept photos. | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

They’ve even done so with makeup, as explained by their former makeup artist Han Hyun Jae in a recent interview.

When asked to share a unique makeup situation, Han Hyun Jae remembered one of BTS’s overseas photoshoots. Rather than play it safe, they wanted to tackle traditionally feminine makeup styles. He recalled, “So we decided to do something that we didn’t usually do for male idols.

Since “strong smoky makeup” was popular for male idols at the time, BTS went for a softer look by wearing facial accessories—which were only worn by female idols back then. They didn’t stop at just facial charms, either.

Straying from the darker looks, BTS even added pops of color. Han Hyun Jsaidded, “So putting [accessories] on faces was something we did for female idols at the time, but we put a lot of [accessories] and applied blushes that were not usually applied to men.

Not only did they incorporate blush into their makeup, but BTS also tied the looks together with “color eyeliners to give some extra atmosphere.” Even back then, they were ready to prove that all makeup styles were for all genders.

See Han Hyun Jae look back on the unforgettable pictorial that showed BTS’s willingness to destroy gender norms early in their career.


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