Bun B Approves Of Doechii’s ‘Int’l Players Anthem’ Remake

Bun B has given his stamp of approval toward Doechii’s single “Universal Swamp Anthem” which is a remake of UGK‘s 2007 hit “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You).”

On Monday (July 31), the Texas rapper reposted a clip on Instagram from a behind-the-scenes interview he did with Mass Appeal and Google Pixel featuring the Florida artist, in the caption for which he saluted her for her interpolation of the classic single.


“Salutes to @doechii for taking it back to ’07 with “Universal Swamp Anthem,” he said. “She straight up snapped. Run that thang back y’all #TeamPixel #HipHop50.”

In the interview, which featured a Google Hangouts call between the pair, Doechii broke down her journey toward creating the infectious single, adding that “International Player’s Anthem” is a song she wish she would have made. Bun told her he was excited to hear what she did with the track.

Elsewhere in the interview, the 24-year-old lyricist spoke about being a Black woman and feeling safe in the confines of rap music.

“In my reality as a Black woman, every time I go out in the world, I’m hyperconscious about my safety,” she explained. “But rap has always been the one place I feel like for Black people where we feel like we’re safe to say whatever we want.”

The video for “Universal Swamp Anthem” sees the “What It Is” artist decked out in furs and jewelry, which is a similar vibe that was depicted in UGK’s 2007 video.

Doechii’s “Universal Swamp Anthem” single is a part of Google Pixel and Mass Appeal’s “PixelRePresents” series — which involves emerging female rappers remaking a classic rap song to commemorate Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary.

Lola Brooke was the first female rapper to kick things off for the dynamic series in July when she made “Blind Em” which samples Clipse 2002 hit record, “Grindin.”

Doechii ‘Washes’ Kendrick Lamar As She Jumps On Beyoncé’s ‘America Has A Problem’

Doechii ‘Washes’ Kendrick Lamar As She Jumps On Beyoncé’s ‘America Has A Problem’

“The reason for me choosing ‘Grindin’ beat, it was because, how it made me feel as a kid,” she explained. “I was freestyling it in the lunch room all the time [and] I finally got a chance to go in the booth with it. So it was like, ‘This is your shot girl,’ and I just took it.”

Lola Brooke then talked about growing up as a tomboy in Brooklyn, representation as a woman in Hip Hop, how she creates her visuals and more.


Brooke also made sure not to disappoint on ‘Blind Em’ and fell right into the production pocket with her bars and delivery.

“Pull my first billi’, top hundreds, it’s goin’ gold/ Never sold on my body that’s down below/ I done told ’em I been lovin’ on gangsters that never told/ I ain’t hip to those and I don’t mix with hoes (Grr),” she raps.

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