Caramel Latte Nails, Slime Green Chrome, & More Luxe Nail Designs For Taurus Season

On April 20, the fiery energy of Aries is officially replaced with the cozy vibes of Taurus SZN, and the earth sign with continue to reign through May 20.

While Aries signs are fueled by their passion, Taureans are known to be down-to-earth — and a little bit stubborn, too (the sign is depicted by a bull). Those with Taurus placements find strength in their innate tenacity and loyalty.

Ruled by the planet Venus — which is associated with love and beauty — those born throughout the springtime month have an affinity for the luxurious. A few famed Taureans include: Megan Fox, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Robert Pattinson, Audrey Hepburn, and Gal Gadot.

When it comes to nail polish colors, the earthy sign tends to lean towards shades like rich emerald green, deep chocolate brown, with a pop of pretty pastel pink here and there. As for nail art, luxe crocodile print and gilded details are a total win for this luxe-loving sign.

Celebrate Taurus season with a fresh mani moment inspired by the resilient sign.

Green Chrome Constellations

ICYWW, for the spring of 2024, green chrome nails are *it.* This mid-tone color is met with subtle star designs and rhinestone studs for a play on the constellation motif.

Luxe Gold Marbling

Taureans enjoy a bit — ok, a lot — of opulence in their life and what’s more luxe than a crisp, white marbled manicure? This set just so happens to be adorned with a Taurus symbol, too.

Cozy Caramel Swirls

Creatures of comfort, Taureans are often attracted to cozy color palettes. These caramel-colored swirls are like a warm latte on a chilly springtime morning.

3D Fairycore Nail Art

Taurus season always falls in the middle of spring, making this OTT flower-filled fairycore set a perfect match.

Bronze Micro French Tips

If you find that you’re more of a manicure minimalist, but still want to embrace your earth sign placement, try micro French tips in bronze.

Fade-Out French Nails

While the tips of these almond-shaped French nails are a traditional white, the neutral base features an ombré effect that feels fun and fresh.

Pale Pink Crocodile Tips

While green and brown polishes are very much associated with the zodiac sign, pale pink is another color that screams “Taurus.” Add luxurious croc print details to your Frenchies for an unexpected mani moment that just works.

Green Aura Art

Aura nails are beloved by Megan Fox — who so happens to be a Taurus queen — making this earthy, green-on-green art A-list approved.

Gilded Celestial Stickers

Take your understated “mannequin manicure” to new heights with gilded nail stickers that feature stars, planets, and symbols of the various signs in your chart.

Emerald Chrome

Elevate a traditional set of French tip nails by trading in stark white polish for a chromatic green color.

Warm-Toned Skittle Manicure

“Skittle nails” are manis with a different polish color painted on every single tip. This warm-toned color palette gives big Taurus energy for sure.

Glitzy Taurus Gemstones

For those whose sun sign is Taurus, wear your sign loud and proud. Adorn matte tips of any length in gold lettering — plus, a few sparkles, for obvious reasons.

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