Cardi B Might Have Overreacted During Mic Incident New Footage Suggests

More details have emerged regarding Cardi B’s mic-throwing incident in Las Vegas. As previously reported, the “I Like It” rapper hit who she believed was a rowdy female concertgoer during her Saturday (July 29) performance of “Bodak Yellow” at Drai’s Beachclub.


Video footage shows Cardi B being doused with some kind of beverage, which appeared to be thrown by a woman with a white cup. A new video shows a different angle and slightly shifts the story.

In a clip obtained by Unilad, the fan apologizes, explaining she didn’t mean to splash the star.


im just glad cardi got good aim😂😂😂 #fyp #cardib #drais

♬ original sound – Mayah🫶🏽

It also shows how the audience member trying to apologize to Cardi B multiple times for what looked like an intentional act. As the music continues, security personnel intervenes and approaches the woman to address the situation.

TikTok users who saw the video noted the woman’s remorse was evident from the emotions written all over her face. One wrote, “She looked genuinely sorry and confused like she wasn’t even tryna throw her drink on her.”

Another person wrote, “It looks like she was just throwing her hands in the air all crazy but forgot she had a drink in her hand.”

Over the weekend, there was another mic drop incident involving Cardi B. A TikTok video from the previous night at Drai’s captured Cardi B throwing a microphone at the DJ during her performance. It appeared she did so in response to the DJ repeatedly cutting her off during her set as reported by the Atlanta Black Star.

As of now, there’s no information available on whether any charges were filed against Cardi B in connection to either incident.

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