Cardi B Shows Off Waist-Length Hair and DIY Hair Oil Formula

Cardi B took to Twitter to flaunt her waist-length hair and promote her “homemade hair oil,” which she attributes to her DIY hair growth treatment. The rapper shared a mirror selfie, keeping her look simple with white bedazzled sandals, blue leggings, a white tank top, and a Barbie pink cardigan. She opted for a makeup-free look to highlight her long, straight hair.

Cardi’s fans were quick to request a tutorial on her hair oil. Many expressed their eagerness to try it, with some suggesting that it could help with their own hair growth struggles. Cardi also posted pictures showcasing the evolution of her hair throughout the years and emphasized the importance of using the right hair products and maintaining good care for healthy hair.

When Kash Doll asked for more information, Cardi offered to personally wash her hair with boiled onion water and prepare a thick hair mask. She even promised to provide liquor and food for a complete hair care experience. However, Cardi clarified that she wasn’t planning to sell any products despite accusations from skeptics.

Cardi has been known to experiment with various hairstyles, and she has been discussing her hair care routine on social media for years. In 2020, she went viral for her DIY hair mask recipe, which includes avocado, argan oil, mayonnaise, black castor oil, olive oil, eggs, honey, and bananas blended together. She also revealed in August 2022 that she washes her hair with boiled onion water for a secret beauty hack, ensuring her followers that it is odorless and provides shine to her hair.

Although Cardi has not yet decided to sell her hair products, her fans have expressed their enthusiasm for her recommendations, calling her hair mask recipe “life-changing.” Despite criticism about a Latina selling hair growth oil to Black women, Cardi made it clear that she has been sharing her own hair growth journey with her fans since 2016. If she ever decides to bottle up and sell her hair products, it’s safe to say that fans would flock to get their hands on them.

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