Chrisean Rock Brags About Freedom During Pregnancy, Says She Controls “Baddies”

Chrisean Rock might give birth to her baby soon, but we still have plenty of content from her pregnancy to look at. Moreover, through reality shows like “Baddies East” and “Cr*zy In Love,” we’ve seen how everything developed throughout her journey, from her relationship with the father, Blueface, to her family’s support. However, she defined much of her path forward, or at least, that’s what she claimed in a recent episode of the latter show. In a new clip making rounds on social media, Rock spoke on being independent throughout this whole ordeal. In addition, she made some claims about her contract with “Baddies” and her money-making mentality.

Furthermore, she spoke on being able to make $20,000 on a given day just off her name alone. Not only that, but Chrisean Rock emphasized that she would rather rely on herself and her efforts than wait for someone else like Blueface to help her out. Apparently, her appearance on “Baddies East” was even something that the two discussed as a way to get more cash, but that she isn’t that invested in it. The most damning part of the clip is when she claims that her contract prevents people from fighting her without paying her money.

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Chrisean Rock Brags About Being The Biggest “Baddie” & Being An Independent Mom

Overall, it’s quite the wild proposition, especially given how heated the show tends to be in the first place. Also, plenty of people criticized her attitude towards the rest of the “Baddies” cast, saying she has “so much control” over them. Of course, Chrisean Rock is a big draw to that show and a big name in gossip and pop culture on social media these days. But that doesn’t mean that she can so openly and callously call herself the big boss on “Baddies” and use that as leverage against others on the program.

Meanwhile, she and Blueface recently attended Jason Lee’s birthday party together, so maybe things aren’t over just yet for the two. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given how much they go back and forth. Still, what goes up must come down, although it’s happened so much we don’t know which came first at this point. With that in mind, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Chrisean Rock.

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