Chrisean Rock Catches Heat For Smoking Days Away From Giving Birth

Chrisean Rock has been trying hard to convince her fans that she is changed and that her baby is a blessing that will transform her life.

The Baltimore college athlete turned reality star has been having a difficult time dealing with her relationship problems with baby daddy Blueface as he maintains a family with his first baby mom while being with Chrisean Rock.

The two recently appeared on the latest episode of Crazy in Love, where Rock tries to convince her friend on Baddies East that having a baby will not stop her from getting to the ‘bag’ and that she won’t be fighting anymore because she is pregnant with her baby.

“Like tomorrow I can go make $20,000 off my name just for an hour and that’s if I’m single n**a. As a mom I’m gonna get my money with my baby,” Rock says to her fellow cast members on Baddies East.

She continued, “I would like to rely on myself. Respect that. The funny thing is, I have so much control over these b**tches, I don’t have to fight. I don’t have to fight and I will put it on my contract, whoever fight me owe me, so yea, it’s a no go for Chrisean Rock to fight.”

Rock and Blueface are also seen in a kitchen having a discussion where he is disputing that she made $10 million while they were broken up. According to him, someone put it in Rock’s head that she made that amount of money.

“There’s a lot of things going on that’s not going on bruh, I don’t know who boosted your head up to make you think you made $10 million,” Blueface says.

Rock is seen wearing a pink sports bra and rights and is seen smoking what appears to be backwoods and marijuana.

Her actions have drawn condemnation from a large cross-section of fans who warn her that smoking may harm the baby.

“I know someone who smoked during their pregnancy. The baby was born early with severe birth defects all because of her decision to smoke,” one fan said while another commented, “A 4g backwood while pregnant is crazy idc… maybe a lil joint but a wood?? ooo that baby higher than a kite.”

“Ain’t no doctor on Beyoncé earth gonna tell you to smoke backwoods and weed while you’re pregnant. I want y’all to be fr… They just aren’t,” another said.

“I thought y’all said the baby was going to change her? I know y’all kids are twitching all day due to stuff y’all were doing while pregnant because the excuses in these comments are willllllllddddd. Yikes,” said another fan.

Others, however, defended Rock. “Man i smoked my whole pregnancy baby came out healthy denamufucka cps came and left the premises there is nothing cps can do if your living situation is stable the baby has food running water working electricity and a bed to sleep in because weed is LEGAL It might differentiate in other states but im from Michigan and cps didn’t come to the hospital they came to my home after the fact,” one wrote.

Another said, “Everybody do that that’s the ONLY drug never killed nobody or affected anybody baby while pregnant, some people have to smoke to have an appetite IYKYK.”

Chrisean Rock’s behavior comes just days after she announced that her due date is drawing near.

“My baby arriving soon days awayyyy,” she wrote on August 19.

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