Chrisean Rock Charged With Assault Over Woah Vicky Altercation

Chrisean Rock has been hit with assault charges over an alleged fight with Woah Vicky.

According to court documents obtained by No Jumper, the alleged assault transpired on Sunday (August 13) and the charges were filed later that day. The pair are due in court on September 25.


Woah Vicky addressed the alleged scuffle in a video shared to her YouTube on Monday (August 14), in which she showed off a few of the bruises and cuts she seemingly sustained from the fight.

The social media star said she was “sorry” for liking some tweets that seemingly offended Rock, and that she is seeking to be the most “spiritually mature” when it comes to making amends.


She also claimed that she apologized to Rock, but it was not welcomed.

“She didn’t believe me, so she threw something at me,” Vicky said. “So yeah, my emotions were just overwhelmed at that point because I thought me and her got along. I didn’t know she was gonna believe something she saw on the internet versus asking me.”

Chrisean Rock’s ex-boyfriend and soon-to-be-baby daddy Blueface reacted to the news on Twitter.

“Smh I told her not to go on that show [facepalm emoji] free my son,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet, referring to the Zeus Network series Baddies.


However, Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer denied that the assault took place on the set of Baddies East. “Chrisean Rock has not gotten into a physical altercation with anyone on set during the filming of ‘Baddies East.’ Anyone claiming otherwise is all [cap emoji],” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

This isn’t the first time that Rock has faced assault charges. A police report obtained by TMZ a few months ago revealed that Rock, Blueface and several members of their entourage were accused of assaulting a woman inside the casino after she reportedly approached Rock to congratulate her on her pregnancy.

Chrisean Rock Explains Why She Had Her Sister Jumped: 'I Just Beat You To It'

Chrisean Rock Explains Why She Had Her Sister Jumped: ‘I Just Beat You To It’

The woman then allegedly pivoted and threw some shots at Blueface, saying: “Fuck him,” which prompted Rock to punch the woman in the face. Blueface reportedly then stole her phone and put it in his back pocket, telling the woman: “This is mine now.”

The “Thotiana” rapper later took to social media to claim his brief stint of house arrest was merely done out of the kindness of his heart so that his soon-to-be baby mother wouldn’t have to face charges.


“I’m only on house arrest cuz I took all the charges for Rock y you think [there] is no warrant for her arrest,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

“Y would I let her stay in my house when I’m stuck in another state [and] I got my BM ready to drive to me with the kids. Rock is out, Jaidyn [Alexis] is in, it’s that simple.”

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