Chrisean Rock Defended by Zeus Network CEO After Woah Vicky Accused Her of Assault

Chrisean Rock Defended by Zeus Network CEO After Woah Vicky Accused Her of Assault

Lemuel Plummer insists that the ‘Vibe’ raptress has ‘not gotten into a physical altercation with anyone’ after her ‘Baddies East’ co-star allegedly pressed charges on her.

Chrisean Rock has been defended by the CEO of Zeus Network. After she was accused of assault by her co-star Woah Vicky, Lemuel Plummer stressed that the “Baddies East” star was not involved in any “physical altercation” on the set of her series.

On Monday, August 14, the network executive came to the 23-year-old rapper’s defense via Instagram Story. Over a black screen, Lemuel penned, “Chrisean Rock has NOT gotten into a physical altercation with ANYONE on set during the filming of ‘Baddies East’. Anyone claiming otherwise is ALL [cap emoji].” He appeared to have defended Chrisean as his network airs the series starring her and Vicky.

Lemuel Plummer Instagram Story

Lemuel Plummer defended Chrisean Rock after her co-star Woah Vicky allegedly pressed charges on her for assault.

Chrisean was defended shortly after Vicky allegedly pressed charges on the former for a second-degree assault. According to a police paperwork which was published by The Neighborhood Talk via Instagram, the altercation took place in Upper Marlboro, Maryland on Sunday, August 13. The paper further showed Chrisean as a defendant, whereas Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Waldrip, was a complainant.

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In response to the alleged charges, Chrisean’s baby daddy Blueface voiced his thoughts on wanting his pregnant baby mama and their unborn child to be free from jail. In a now-deleted tweet, he wrote, “Smh I told her not to go on that show [a man facepalming emoji].” He went on to ask, “Free my son.”

The post about Vicky pressing charges on Chrisean garnered many online responses. In the comments section, one Instagram user seemed to support Chrisean by writing, “Why would she call the cops? I petition for Woah Vicky to be replaced! She knows exactly what show she signed up for, and it ain’t the ‘Good Girls Club’.”

Meanwhile, another asked, “Okay but what the f**k else was Vicky pose to do? Hit a pregnant women full term df? I would’ve called cops toooo shiiid lock this crazy pregnant women fighting up until she calm df down and put that baby first foh yall clout chasers but if she wasn’t famous it’ll be a different story.”

A third, in the meantime, pointed out, “Not excusing this whatsoever cause she need to grow up and sit her pregnant butt down somewhere… butttt pressing charging after signing up for a show that’s known for 304’s getting to the bag but not really getting it, and fighting is INSANE!”

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