Chrisean Rock Speaks Out After Sister Tesehki Gets Jumped

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Chrisean Rock took to Instagram Aug. 13 to explain her involvement in her elder sister Tesehki’s alleged recent beatdown. 

The 23-year-old pregnant rapper accused her sibling of giving off weird vibes and being envious while the two were in their hometown of Baltimore for a Baddies East Takeover event at The Assembly Room. The expectant mother referred to Tesehki by her government name, Latifah Malone.

Chrisean said she tried to “check” Tesehki and get her older sibling in line before the latter was violently jumped. The pregnant Zeus star claimed to be particularly sensitive to the alleged jealousy spewing from her sister due to her status as a budding musician. Chrisean, a Baddies vet, also implied that Tesehki, 30, would fight her to get clout as a newbie on the Zeus series.

“Nigga, I’m a whole lick,” Chrisean stated. “We peeped your whole energy far away, Latifah. What the fuck? It was weird. You were on some broke nigga energy, bro. And we peeped that. That was that nigga. You tried to backdoor me nigga — and I just beat you to it.”

“I was checking you the whole time, bro. You was looking at my bag. You was looking at my chains. I could see the evil in your eyes,” Chrisean said about her sister’s behavior at the Baddies event night.  

Clips from the chaotic incident show several men scrambling to de-escalate a fight. It’s unclear from the clip if that’s when Tesehki was allegedly jumped. An egg was thrown at a sprinter van Chrisean was in. In another clip, a woman drenched the rapper in water. 

Tesehki, an aspiring musician, is speculated as the person who poured out the water bottle on Chrisean. The elder sibling yelled, “The fuck Rock?!” and “Fuck is you doing?!” in other clips. 

A man named Tristan has accused Tesehki and several of Chrisean’s other siblings of molesting and torturing him as a child. 

The alleged victim, Chrisean’s 27-year-old nephew, emphasized Aug. 13 that the “Vibe” musician was never involved in the alleged abuse he stated he endured. He named Tesehki [aka Latifah], Mookie, Eugene, Tessa and Chastity as his abusers. There are 11 siblings in total.

“Just to clear the air, Chrisean had nothing to do with that shit. That’s my aunt. She was a golden child. She was one of the few that didn’t touch me, that didn’t hurt me. And that’s why God blessed her ass, and that’s why she’s up there. And why she gon stay the fuck up there,” said Tristan.

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