Chrisean Rock Speaks To Yaya Mayweather About Posting Her Child On Social Media

Chrisean Rock is probably having her child with Blueface soon, and has a lot to think about on top of all the lead-up to where we are today. On the newest episode on their reality TV series on the Zeus Network, “Cr*zy In Love,” she actually seeks out some advice from a fellow mother. Moreover, it was none other than Yaya Mayweather, and they discussed the matter of posting your children on social media. Of course, each parent is going to have their own preference and comfortability with their children being on social media. That being said, when you’re as well-known as these two and don’t have the best relationships with the child’s other parent, there are a whole host of other considerations.

Furthermore, one funny part of their conversation referred to the physical state of childhood’s earliest stages. “When they still look like an alien, you don’t post them,” Chrisean Rock amusingly told Yaya at one point. The “Baddies” star also referred to these pictures as “timestamps,” and recalled how she saw Yaya’s son boxing on social media. However, Mayweather clarified that she’s never posted his face online.

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Chrisean Rock & Yaya Mayweather Discuss Posting Kids On Social Media

Afterwards, they probably got to watching the sparring match between Floyd Mayweather and Blueface. As innocuous as it may seem, these are the kind of conversations that rarely come up before pregnancy, but you overthink all of a sudden in the process. Hopefully Chrisean Rock and her baby daddy can continue on their current streak of amicability, at least for the sake of the kid. They snuggled up recently before their baby shower, so it seems like they might have a better relationship than their usual antics.

Still, that’s always a swinging pendulum, so only time will tell for how much longer that lasts. If anything else, through this reality television program, fans get a glimpse into all the ups and downs of their relationship leading up to today. Let’s just hope that there’s not much drama occurring at the same time moving forward. For more news and the latest updates on Chrisean Rock and Yaya Mayweather, stick around on HNHH.

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