Chrisean Rock Takes Baby To Studio To Tease New Music, Dismisses Fans’ Advice

Chrisean Rock‘s new life as a mom proved to be quite chaotic but also exciting over the past few weeks. Between her everyday social media activity around Chrisean Jr. and her dramatic rekindling with the kid’s father Blueface, there’s a lot to take in, as expected with such a volatile and viral story as this. Still, that’s not the only thing that the Baddies star is focused on when it comes to making a name for herself. She’s also working hard on new music, as she showed off in a clip with her baby in the studio.

As far as the track itself, it’s pretty much a trap-R&B blend with booming bass and auto-tuned vocals. What really got people riled up on social media was that Chrisean Rock took the baby to the studio in the first place, which many saw as a red flag. As such, the Baltimore native took to social media once again to explain that Chrisean Jr. has earmuffs so that he isn’t that affected by the loud speakers. In addition, she told people to stop criticizing her parenting, which might happen less if she tones down all the revealing posts about it.

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Chrisean Rock Thinks Her Baby In The Studio Is Fine, Previews New Song

Of course, she can do whatever she wants with her Gram, but that means that this criticism will never truly stop. In another clip Chrisean Rock uploaded to social media, she addressed people giving her advice that she ultimately can’t take seriously. “What advice are you giving me, the f**k? Nine times out of ten, I got way more money than advice any of y’all giving me,” the Zeus Network star remarked.

Chrisean Sr. Isn’t Here For Your Advice Or Criticisms

“I don’t know what y’all talking about,” she continued. “How about y’all give yourselves advice to get some money? Where y’all money at, hm? Alright then, suck my d**k, yo. Y’all always get on me on how I hold my son. Trying to put pressure on a b***h like she doing something wrong.” For more news and the latest updates on Chrisean Rock, stick around on HNHH.

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