Chrisean Rock Walmart Video: Reality Star Disses Blueface’s Mom & Explains Herself To Haters

Unfortunately for Chrisean Rock and her fans, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to defend the new mother’s behaviour. Since giving birth for the first time earlier this month, she and her baby boy have been outside with reckless abandon. First, Rock faced backlash for taking him to a football game while still wearing her hospital bracelet. After that, she also brought Chrisean Jr. to the studio for his debut appearance in Blueface’s “Baby Momma Drama” visual, bringing more criticism her way.

What the Baddies cast member has felt the most heat for, however, is a video of her at the grocery store, keeping a far more secure hold on her dog than on her son. The clip quickly went viral, earning responses from her baby daddy and his mom, Karlissa Saffold. “Got my baby in the g****** grocery store with the g****** s*** folded over like he doing a backbend like he in the g****** gymnastics already,” she lashed out at Rock on Live earlier this week. Since then, the “Lit” rapper has responded to Saffold, even seemingly threatening physical violence against her co-parent’s mom.

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Chrisean Rock Claps Back at Karlissa Saffold and Other Haters

“This is not your grandbaby. It’s my baby, for real,” she hit back at Saffold on her own stream. “You acting like you wanna get beat up again!” Rock yelled, referencing their past altercation. She then addressed Blueface’s tweet about her misusing her baby carrier, as well as the woman who recorded her without consent in the first place. “That video, I get it, it’s hurting and breaking everyone’s hearts… Imma just move slower, ok?” the new mom promised. “That was a complete mistake, but the b**ch that recorded, you’re weird!”

We thought that her pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions, but so far, the first few weeks of Chrisean Rock’s journey into motherhood have been chaotic in every way imaginable. She’s facing constant criticism from those online watching her every move, and the Walmart incident appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Nevertheless, the 23-year-old previously promised that she’d “never disrespect” her baby boy, so here’s hoping with a bit more time and coaching she’ll remember to support his neck. Do you think Rock has what it takes to be a great parent? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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