Chrisean Rock’s Emotions Steal The Show During Blueface Beef On New “Crazy In Love” Episode

The first season of Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s Crazy In Love series wrapped up in late 2022. At the time, viewers couldn’t imagine a future for the embattled exes. It definitely seemed as though a breakup was in the making – until the Baltimore-born entertainer popped out with a pregnancy announcement, that is. The Zeus cameras were rolling not long after she shared the news. They’ve captured countless tense moments between Rock and her future co-parent as they discussed the state of their relationship, finances, and lying.

On Sunday (August 14), a new episode hit the streaming platform. This one brings Rock to tears as Blueface calls her out for allegedly taking more from him than she’s ever given. “I didn’t set up accounts, I didn’t start saving on the side,” the reality star admitted through tears. “Ni**a, I’m with you, bro! You start acting like I’m not with you right now, I’m like, okay, well, where [does] the line draw?” she asked the “Thotiana” artist in frustration.

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Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock of More Lies on Crazy In Love

“You’re painting a narrative that’s 100% false,” he responded as Chrisean tried to interrupt. “The narrative that you break bread with me, that you give me your money, that you feed my kids.” The soon-to-be mother clapped back, “Ni**a, If I’m feeding you, I’m feeding whatever’s attached to you.” After some more back and forth, Blue tells his ex, “What about the money you spent? You take from my plate more than you’ve ever put on my plate.”

We’re rarely left shocked by the headlines from the Crazy In Love cast. However, on Monday (August 14), word that Woah Vicky is pressing assault charges against Chrisean Rock definitely raised some eyebrows. The Zeus Network CEO has claimed that the 23-year-old wasn’t involved in physical violence on the Baddies set, though Blueface has already been using the news to troll his future co-parent. Read more about that messy situation at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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