Christina Aguilera Rocked Vagina Nail Art & Now It’s Totally A Thing

Since the dawn of time, the feminine form has been a subject of fine art. Georgia O’Keeffe’s suggestive floral portraits are some of the most sought-after paintings in the world, and New York’s Brooklyn Museum has a permanent exhibit featuring vulva-topped dinner plates. Naturally, that same reverence is prevalent in the beauty world, with many adding vagina-inspired nail art to their mani roster.

Last year, Christina Aguilera went viral for her 3D vulva nail art. The artful mani was inspired by her lubricant brand, Playground, which emphasizes the beauty of self-pleasure.

Some of the boldest nail art lovers have leaned into the look, opting for three-dimensional, anatomically-accurate adornments (some with trendy piercings, too). Others choose less detectable vagina nail art, with vibrant colors and creatively abstract designs that are more of a subtle suggestion than anything else.

So if you, like Aguilera, are craving a powerful display of sexual health by way of your manicure, here are nine vagina nail art ideas that will surely be conversation starters.

3D Anatomical Art (With Piercings)

These anatomically structured nail adornments are fashioned with golden piercings. The tiny sculptures are quite literally works of art.

Divine Feminine Details

Bodies of every single shape and size are *all* endlessly beautiful — and this fine line art is a shining example of that exact sentiment.

Really Realistic Vulva Art

For a more realistic take, this mani uses skin-colored polish, purposefully placed pearls, and brown-toned glitter to communicate varying aspects of this body part.

Colorfully Abstract Designs

Reminiscent of O’Keeffe’s famous floral paintings, these daringly colorful nails are subtly suggestive through abstract, technicolor layers.

Artful Abstract Symbol

This minimalistic vagina manicure art is a total subtle slay that will likely go completely undetected. It’s an IYKYK mani, for sure.

Juicy Fruit Slices

ICYWW, fruits are the reproductive organs of plants — making this double-meaning manicure playful in the smartest way.

Monochromatic French Tips

This mani has all the makings of a viral nail design: Lengthy French tips? Check. Monochromatic chocolate brown color palette? Check. Vulva and boob art? Also check.

NSFW Pop Art

For an unexpected pop with your next set of nails, adorn your next minimal manicure with galactic-inspired vagina statement nails.

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