‘Coconut Milk Nails’ Are The Milky Transitional Manicure You Need To Try

If you find yourself wondering how this trend differs from, say, the transitional naked nails trend, it comes down to your finish. Coconut milk nails contain zero of the pearlescent chrome elements seen in other trends like the glazed donut. Plus, they are also generally glossy as opposed to matte, which gives a different finish than other milky nails. Plus, white is the singular color star for the coconut milk trend, whereas naked nails and more Fall-oriented trends tend to have a wider variability of colors.

Of course, just because the trend only allows for one color doesn’t mean that it’s limiting. In fact, using white polish means that this trend is guaranteed to work with every outfit. This adds to the transitional element of the trend since the weather tends to be all over the place before fall truly settles in. With coconut milk nails, you’ll never have to worry about your nails clashing with your half-shorts half-sweater outfit. It gives you one less thing to worry about while also being conservative enough for workplaces. White is also versatile in that it works on almost every skin tone, making this trend accessible to more people. Plus, the color naturally enhances the look of your late summer glow. While summer might be over, your glow doesn’t have to be and coconut milk nails can help you get every last drop out of your summer tan. 

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