Color Correcting Doesn’t Have To Be Intimidating. Your Guide To The Makeup Technique

Where yellow is the opposite of purple on the color spectrum, a yellow color corrector can assist in balancing out purple tones on the face, which could show up under your eye, on the veins of your eyelid, or elsewhere. It can also assist in brightening up the skin’s complexion. Yellow color corrector can also be used as an alternative to a green color corrector, in that it can also aid in covering redness. But unlike a green color corrector, a yellow color corrector gives your skin an added boost of illumination where the skin is dull. 

Identifying dullness in the skin can be tricky, though. Beauty creator Mathusa (@mathusa.thurai) gives her audience an idea of what a yellow color corrector can be used for in her TikTok video. She points to skin on her cheek that she describes as “kind of flat and gray.” After applying a few dots of a yellow color correcting concealer, she dabs it into the dull area of skin. Though it appears to be lighter than her skin tone, when she applies foundation on top, her skin instantly looks brighter and more even. 

Another beauty creator, Dani, (@missmonolids), demonstrates how she uses a yellow color corrector on her under-eye in a TikTok video. “I think yellow works best for me,” she says, instead of an orange color corrector that might most often be used to neutralize darkness on the skin. And in the end, this is what makeup is all about: Find what works best for you and make it your own. 

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