‘Compound Kinetics’ performs in Lansing with an intention to inspire change

“Compound Kinetics,” a female and non-binary-focused music group with ties to MSU, intends to create change in their community through performing. 

Chuck Mannino, a talent buyer and the owner of Mac’s, where the group will be performing soon, said he was proud to provide the space because he was a fan of the intentions behind the group.

“(Their music is) about life and just all kinds of cool topics,” Mannino said. “It’s cool to give them a place to have a show.”

The band’s first ever performance will be at Mac’s Bar on Thursday, Oct. 26. at 8 p.m. The group will perform what they call a “Fem Rap and R&B experience.” 

Jillian Plant, a communication senior at MSU who organized the band, said these spaces are important because they provide visibility.

“I just think it’s really important to have that sort of space and to highlight that sometimes female and non-binary artists, especially in hip-hop, can get overlooked,” Plant said. 

JayThratts, an artist and fellow member of “Compound Kinetics,” said creating a space for oneself often falls to the individual.

“I feel it’s not only important, but it’s necessary, if you claim yourself as an artist or anybody that wants to see change in the world, that you have to actively be that change,” JayThratts said. “This is just breaking out of the comfort zone because we’re all so comfortable with our own groups.”

Plant said she found that making an effort to go out and perform at local shows is critical to establishing a presence.

“I’m right here— here you go,” Plant said. “Trying to get in on local shows or just going to them and introducing yourself is very, very essential.” 

JayThratts said that surrounding herself with people who fuel her momentum has helped her achieve her best work.

“I would say it’s more common to stumble upon people with beautiful music and to not pursue it,” JayThratts said. “So it’s nice to be in this type of realm where you got someone like Jill who is always pushing something new. It pushes you to put more out, you know, to put more work in.”

To her, that very same push is the meaning behind their group’s name, JayThratts said.

“For me, it just means collective movement,” JayThratts said. “All of us coming together, like I said, pushing that change.”

To her, the name referred to the movement of them coming together to create, Plant said.

“We got a lot of different energies and a lot of different backgrounds— very different people altogether,” Plant said. “But we all share a relatively common identity in being gender minorities.” 

Plant said the group all has a lot of similarities but also differences, adding to the meaning of their group even more. 

JayThratts said holding onto that intention and pushing oneself forward will set individuals on the right path.

“You set these intentions in your mind at first, and they don’t even seem like it’s possible,” JayThratts said. “Then a month, or maybe a couple or maybe even a year goes by, and boom— you’re exactly where you envision yourself. Or at least on your way to that big picture you have in your mind.”

JayThratts said she encourages others to take that momentum and to use it.

“Do something,” JayThratts said. “Action is better than no action.”

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