Conor McGregor Spoils Dee With Chanel On Her Birthday

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin sure know how to celebrate a big occasion and the UFC star made sure to go all out for his fiancée’s birthday.

Dee turned 36 this week and Conor headed straight to the Chanel store to stock up on lavish gifts for his love, treating her to two new handbags and two new pairs of shoes.

Making sure Dee had plenty of choices, Conor also picked up a new Louis Vuitton bag for the mother of his children.

Sharing a look at the birthday festivities, Conor wrote: ‘Baby my love for you is as deep as the ocean! Here is the limited edition ocean Chanel bag, among other things you love! I love you baby, happy birthday.’

Pic: Conor McGregor/Instagram
Pic: Conor McGregor/Instagram

The Chanel ocean bag is a real beauty as it has sequins in different shades of blue all over it which give the effect of water while Dee’s second new bag from the brand appears to be the Chanel 22 Bag which has a quilted front and gold-tone metal.

Each of these designer accessories are priced above €5,000. Conor also picked up a pair of white Chanel trainers for Dee, which retail at over €1,000, and a pair of pink tweed sandals which are on resale sites for over €3,000.

As for the Louis Vuitton purchase, Conor seems to have gifted his partner one of the luxury retailer’s Capucines bags which are also priced at around €5,000.

Conor also didn’t forget the birthday basics and arranged to have a huge chocolate cake on Dee’s big day and filled a room with pink balloons.

Pic: Conor McGregor/Instagram
Pic: Conor McGregor/Instagram

Conor and Dee, who have been dating since 2008, announced their engagement in August 2020 and will soon welcome their forth child together.

The UFC fighter revealed on Live with Kelly and Mark last month that he and Dee were expecting again. They’re already proud parents to Conor Jr, six, Croía, four, and two-year-old Rian.

Pic: Conor McGregor/Instagram
Pic: Conor McGregor/Instagram

The UFC star has lavished Dee with presents and special trips in recent weeks.

He claimed last week that he ‘dominates’ the Irish sky after flying a €8,900-an-hour private aircraft to France to bring pregnant Dee away ‘for some sun.’

Conor posted images and videos of Dee standing in front of a rented Global Express XRS private plane at Dublin Airport soon before they took off for Nice.

See more pictures in the gallery below:

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