David Dastmalchian wants to be the next Bond villain

Actor David Dastmalchian is ready to go head to head with James Bond, saying he hopes to play a villain in an upcoming film.

David dastmalchian Bond villain

David Dastmalchian has turned up in the DCEU and the MCU, but now he’s ready to take on another major franchise, saying he wants to be the next Bond villain opposite whoever gets behind the Aston Martin next.

Speaking with Slash Film, David Dastmalchian said his campaign to become the next Bond baddie is officially in motion. “Whoever is reading this, take it as a sign. You were meant to be reading this line at this moment as you’re thinking about the future of what you guys are doing with the franchise. Trust me when I say that I can bring something to an enemy of 007, whether he or she or they be played in a way that no one has ever seen Bond brought to life before, which is of course the way that you guys always do it. I think there’s no one to push Bond to the limits of their capabilities the way that I could, and I would love to do it. So there’s my pitch to them. I can’t wait for them to read this.” That’s a confident go, even if Dastmalchian puts his chances at around 10%.

While the search for the next James Bond is underway and will obviously prove the most vital casting choice going forward, the next Bond villain is also one that deserves much attention. Not only will they be 007’s antagonist for at least one movie, but it is also a sort of bucket list role for some major players, with Oscar winners like Rami Malek, Chrisoph Waltz, Javier Bardem, and more stepping into the key role in recent entries. Hey, David Dastmalchain definitely has the face of a Bond villain!

David Dastmalchian certainly has a track record of playing major big screen baddies, playing a Joker henchman in The Dark Knight, voicing Calendar Man and Penguin in Batman: The Long Halloween and more. More recently, he reteamed with Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer, where he played antagonistic William L. Borden to Cillian Murphy’s father of the atomic bomb.

Do you think David Dastmalchian would make a good Bond villain? Who stands as the best modern Bond villain? Let us know below!

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