Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 
Khalil Allah

Afropunk is a Black-owned business that supports various endeavors of people of color and the LGBTQIA community. This year’s vendors had fantastic products ranging from jewelry, clothing, beauty products, CBD, food, and more. 

Browsing through the Spinthrift market and meeting the entrepreneurs behind many of these businesses was genuinely inspiring. Please see our list of this year’s amazing small businesses at Afropunk. 

Handmade jewelry or wearable art made with acrylic, brass, and beads. 

With influences from Africa, this creator makes various items, from purses to jewelry and clothing. 

Made in New York, Kaba designs and sews minimalistic garments with a modern touch. 

Amaku Metaphysical is a shop that sells crystals, stones, fossils, shells, and karmic healing jewelry. 

They are committed to using responsibly sourced African beads, materials, and gemstones to create each piece of jewelry that they sell. 

Aziza is a fine jewelry designer and a gemologist who handcrafts and sells her unique jewelry designs. 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

Wildcrafted sea moss sourced from the waters of Tanzania is sold and used for many physical benefits. 

Black N Ugly produces all merchandise in Harlem, specializing in apparel and home decor.

Bushwick Grind Cafe supports and motivates a community of small businesses while also serving their delicious teas, juices, and coffee. 

Based in Harlem, Calabar Gallery showcases contemporary African Artists and African diaspora artists globally. 

This mobile food truck serves fresh Caribbean cuisine to the streets of Brooklyn. 

Open for only a year, this Creole soul food fusion serves excellent food like rasta pasta and gumbo. 

A contemporary womenswear brand sells clothes and handmade resin earrings. 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

A silkscreen artist based in NYC, making signature tote bags and other designs based on NYC culture. 

Based in Philly, Dre’s has served the community with homemade water ice for ten years. 

Dusaint Duvvel specializes in custom grills made from either gold, silver, or diamonds. 

Based in Florida, Elouinia Xantus makes custom wearable art or jewelry, most recently seen on Erykah Badu on the cover of Elle

Offering unique frames with a wide range of high-quality eyewear products designed to fit everyone. 

Using fabrics like Italian leather and cork, Found Objects creates lightweight earrings.  

Fried Rice is a streetwear brand based in NYC, representing the melting pot that is our city. 

Cannabis brand Grav creates ways to consume THC based on natural life objects. 

Happy Buds is a health and wellness store in Brooklyn, New York, selling CBD products. 

A non-profit organization that encourages festival-goers around the country to register to vote. 

This NYC henna artist specializes in significant group events like bridal showers. 

Based in Los Angeles, John Street creates handcrafted jewelry embodying self-expression. 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

An NYC-based streetwear brand utilizes its signature logo on hats, shirts, bandanas, and more. 

A one-of-a-kind hair accessories brand focused on adding bling to your natural hairstyles. 

An accessories brand that specializes in their beading technique crafting different handbags. 

Biz Markie’s Just A Friend Foundation supports children in the foster care system and individuals experiencing food deprivation. 

K Milele is a resort wear brand featuring bathing suits, beach bags, and more. 

Kulture BoutiK is an Afro-centric and Western inspired brand featuring jewelry, accessories, artwork, and clothing. 

An all-natural quality skincare brand sells hand-mixed oils, scrubs, haircare, and more. 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

Liha Beauty combines her African roots with British culture, shifting beauty culture through their natural skincare product offering.  

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is an organization that focuses on freeing incarcerated political activists. 

Mariah uses mixed-media mosaics, including acrylic paint, oil paint, and oil pastels, for her various pieces of artwork.

Multimedia artist Maurice Mentor specializes in reimagining different cartoon and fictional figures through his paintings. 

Mizzi International is an apparel brand that uses the concept of a sports jersey to represent various countries. 

Sweden-based jewelry designer uses materials like wire and resin to construct her accessories. 

The NYC Mac and Cheese trucks have been seen at many festivals and provide speedy service perfect for festival goers. 

A celebration of New York City, this brand redefines the classic Yankees jersey into a crochet knit and many other designs. 

Pretty Tokers is a THC accessories brand inspired by the lifestyles of young women. 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

Reformed School uses upcycled and repurposed materials to make clothing and home decor. 

From Ghana, Republic Bar and Grill has made the trip to Afropunk for a second time, serving us their Ghanaian dishes in the most authentic way. 

Siatta uses a patchwork technique alongside her afrocentric influences to create afro style jeans. 

A global marketplace selling various artisan pieces with the goal of eradicating poverty through their efforts. 

Editorial hairstylist, Helene Koudou, focuses on unique cornrow styles inspired by both pop culture and traditional African styles. 

Danni is a certified dental assistant and tooth gem specialist dedicated to providing you with a quality tooth gem experience. 

Diving Into Afropunk’s Spinthrift Market 

A nonprofit organization devoted to using the power of music to help those with mental health issues.

A marketplace curating beautiful collections of handmade jewelry, eccentric jewelry and more from your local artists. 

Summer Dion is a dancer and a sound bath healer who uses her skills to help you slow down and reconnect with yourself. 

After 10 years in business, The Southern Comfort continues to make eclectic south food with a parafusion vibe to satisfy your stomach’s needs. 

A second-generation jewelry business, handcrafting distinctive jewelry for over 40 years. 

An apparel company that focuses on bringing couture influences to streetwear culture. 

With the goal of promoting intention, prayer, and love, the holistic brand, Trivdevi, sells oils, herbs, incense and more. 

Started in 2015, Try Vegan has a goal of promoting veganism through their delicious vegan cuisines. 

Sass sells handmade soaps and soy candles to foster peace and wellness. 

A book club for black women only reading other black women and also providing low cost professional development for members. 

Wilde Herbs is dedicated to providing high-quality and vegan CBD products. 

Kenyan brand Ythera Beauty crafts products by carefully selecting ingredients and crafting formulas to nourish the skin and hair. 

Zuresh is an all-around natural solution for all your skin, hair, and health needs. 

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