Doechii Has What It Takes To Make Your ‘Booty Drop’

Photo Credit: Doechii/Instagram

Summer’s days are numbered now that we’re more than midway through August. We’re not going to let that fact rain on our parade, however, as we’ve still got beaches to hit, rays to catch and block parties to pop that thang at. Speaking of which, our favorite new rap star Doechii has finally given us another anthem to twerk to with her new single “Booty Drop.”

“Booty Drop” is produced by Norwegian duo Stargate and samples Jersey club classic “Bubble Gum.” Even with those recognizable credentials, Doechii makes it all her own with lyrics racy and raunchy enough to make jaws drop just like the titular booties.

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The chorus lets us know that the Swamp Princess can make our behinds collectively pop to the bass heavy cut. The verses, however, find her taking on the role of a superstar stripper aiming to get you to make it rain. “Strip club, dance, dance, do it in a handstand / Drop down, get bands, do it on command, now make her drop,” she commands at one point. “She actin’ up, she f**k it up, I make it pop / That booty soft, she lift it up and get them props / That Chanel purse don’t cost enough to make her leave / That p***y bussin’, super soaker, ’nough to make her, ooh.”

She demonstrates those advertised skills in the song’s visual, which finds her and her girls twerkin’ it up all over a yacht. The self-directed clip looks like it was discovered on a camcorder from 1995 and the salacious footage is enough to make hearts pump to the beat. In other words, we’d recommend watching this one in the comfort of your own home far away from your work computer.

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Though we would have loved it if “Booty Drop” had arrived a little earlier in the summer after she world premiered it on this year’s BET Awards, we’re not mad that it’s finally here. Let Doechii show you how it’s done when you stream the song and get hot and bothered by its video below.

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