Doja Cat No Longer Cares About The Backlash To Her Fashion Choices

Doja Cat has never been afraid of being a controversial artist. In recent weeks she has beefed with her fans extensively over their self-identified fan group names and also drew controversy for some of the imagery in her new music video. In a recent interview with Harper’s Baazar, she discussed how she’s become numb to the backlash. “My theory is that if someone has never met me in real life, then, subconsciously, I’m not real to them,” she explains. “So when people become engaged with someone they don’t even know on the internet, they kind of take ownership over that person.”

Doja Cat thinks that fans have an image of her they like, and that causes them to lash out when she makes any alterations. “And when that person changes drastically, there is a shock response that is almost uncontrollable.” Doja has accepted that there will always be people with issues to her changes. “I’ve accepted that that’s what happens. “So I put my wigs on and take them off. I shave my head or my eyebrows. I have all the freedom in the world.”

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Doja Cat Has Overcome Her Haters

Doja Cat has released two new singles this year. The first, “Attention” dropped back in June. It went on to debut at number 31 on the Hot 100 before slipping down the charts in the following weeks. Earlier this month she released a follow-up called “Paint The Town Red.” That song is already off to a better start debuting inside the top 20 and racking up over 32 million streams already.

Earlier this year Doja Cat also hopped on a remix of one of the biggest hits of 2023. She teamed up with SZA for a remix of her hit song “Kill Bill.” As a result of their collaboration the song reached number one on the Hot 100 the next week. What do you think of Doja Cat’s response to those who take issue with her aesthetic changes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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