Doja Cat Ramps Up The Sexy In Victoria’s Secret World Tour Promo

Doja Cat will be the headliner for the forthcoming Victoria’s Secret World Tour – which is part fashion show, part documentary.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday (August 3), the famous lingerie brand shared a photo of Doja’s seductive look from the pre-taped special.


“We’re thrilled to reveal @dojacat — the global phenom and Grammy winner — as the featured performer in our highly anticipated special. #TheTour23,” the caption read.

Set to air on Prime Video on September 26, the show marks the company’s first televised runway show since 2018.


In a statement to Harper’s Bazaar, Doja Cat explained the sexy ‘fit – which was designed with the Victoria’s Secret team and her creative director, Brett Alan Nelson.

“Because the Tour is a celebration of the strength and unique talent of creatives, we really wanted to channel this message through this look,” she said. “I felt so powerful and confident wearing these pieces, which is so important to me.”

Check out the look below:

Last month, Doja Cat lost over 250,000 followers on Instagram after alienating her fan base through a slew of heated back-and-forths.

According to Social Blade, over 200,000 Doja fans hit the unfollow button on Instagram July 23 and July 24 while another 48,000 fled the superstar’s IG the following day. However, this figure is not going to leave much of a dent in her follower count, which currently sits at about 25.6 million on the Gram.

Westside Gunn Wants To 'Steal' Doja Cat From Her 'Racist' Boyfriend

Westside Gunn Wants To ‘Steal’ Doja Cat From Her ‘Racist’ Boyfriend

Doja Cat’s tirade saw her go to war on Twitter and Threads over her fans referring to themselves as Kittenz, which she clearly isn’t rocking with at the moment.

“My fans don’t call themselves shit,” she wrote. “If you call yourself ‘kitten’ or ‘kittenz’ that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.”


A fan replied that the Kittenz were “only using the name you gave us.”

“When I was an alcoholic teen,” Doja replied, after which a fan asked: “Can you love ur kittenz again or no?”

“I don’t even know what the fuck that means,” Doja bit back.

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