Drake Poses With All The Bras He’s Collected On Tour

Drake has provethat 2 Chainz isn’t the only “Tity Boi” in Hip Hop by showing off the countless bras he’s collected on the road this past summer.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning (September 6), the OVO hitmaker shared a photo on Instagram of him posing next to an enormous collection of bras laid out neatly on the floor behind him.


The undergarments come in all different colors, styles and sizes, and while it’s unclear exactly how many are in the picture, it looks to be well over 100.

Drake, meanwhile, can be seen flashing a huge smile while holding his arms out wide.


“Remember when we both forgot who the fuck I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one,” he wrote underneath the photo in his trademark half-rap, half-social media caption style.

“Bruh got a library full of bras [crying face emoji],” JELEEL! reacted in the comments section, while producer BNYX added: “Praying for dude that had to lay these out. they’re organized by size.”

Kevin Durant jokingly crowned his close friend “Tity Boy” — a nod to 2 Chainz’s alias — while Anderson .Paak chimed in with: “It’s the black boy joy for me.”

Drizzy also gave fans a glimpse at how the photo came about by sharing a video on his Instagram Stories of two female staff members organizing the throng of bras.

Drake has been bombarded with bras throughout his It’s All a Blur Tour, his co-headlining North American trek with 21 Savage that kickstarted in July.

The most memorable bra-throwing moment came during his stop at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on July 21 when a fan in the crowd launched a size 36G brassiere onto the stage, immediately arousing Drizzy’s interest.


“Damn, 36G?” he said while inspecting the sizeable undergarment. “Locate this woman immediately!”

The viral moment led to the woman in question, 21-year-old Veronica Correia, landing a modeling gig with Playboy and exchanging DMs with Drake himself.


“He slid up on an [Instagram] Story and laughed at one, simply sent a laughing face. And I took a day or two to respond because I just didn’t know what to say,” she revealed during an appearance on the Club Ambition podcast.

“So I just liked it, and then I left him for like a day. Then I wrote out this paragraph, basically thanking him for the experience, an awesome show, and then I told him I own the coffee shop in Cumberland and asked if he liked coffee and how he likes it.”

Drake Gets Pranked By His Dad With Enormous Bra: 'What’s Wrong With This Man?'

Drake Gets Pranked By His Dad With Enormous Bra: ‘What’s Wrong With This Man?’

She continued: “So then he responded back that he likes it iced and sweet. I was like, ‘Ok, that’s really broad. I’m trying to make a coffee for you’ … Then he was laughing at all of my messages. So I said, ‘Oh, do you think I’m funny?’ And he said, ‘I think you’re really sought-after right now.’”

The flood of bras has even left some of Drake’s rap peers a little jealous, with 50 Cent admitting that he’s envious of the way fans have been treating the 6 God on his tour.


In a hilarious video filmed backstage on his own Final Lap Tour last month, 50 played the role of a diva and loudly pleaded with people inside the arena to “treat me like I’m Drake.”

“Somebody help me with my feet please,” a disgruntled 50 Cent called out to the hallway, which was bustling with people. “They don’t treat Drake like this. They don’t treat muthafuckin’ Drake like this.


“Drake, they throw him bras. What do I get? Aye, could you please go get me some Drake fans? Shit just don’t feel right. I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake get bras every night! I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”

In his caption, Fif wrote: “It’s too many [ninja]’s on this tour shit, treat me like I’m DRAKE. [shrug emoji] I want to see tetas too.”

After catching wind of the video, Drake responded by offering to “pull up” and give 50 Cent a “pep talk.”

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