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The 'Booty Patrol' decals and insignia resembled that of the US Customs and Border Patrol. | Courtesy: DCSO

The ‘Booty Patrol’ decals and insignia resembled that of the US Customs and Border Patrol. | Courtesy: DCSO


A Florida man has been charged with impersonating law enforcement after being found driving a pickup truck labelled ‘Booty Patrol’.

Gabriel Luviano-Renteria, 18, of Bradenton, was first ticketed in October for driving the vehicle whose paint job resembled that of a US Customs and Border Patrol car, the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said.

At the time, the law enforcement agency shared photos of the Chevy Silverado, which was equipped with red-and-blue flashing lights, with the aim of raising awareness against it and issued a citation to Luviano-Renteria for displaying prohibited lights on the truck.

The offender, who told deputies he thought it was legal to have police lights on one’s vehicle in his hometown, later paid a $113 fine in full on November 14, according to the county clerk’s office records.

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However, a deputy, who had first spotted Luviano-Renteria driving the truck near Mosaic Arena, reviewed dashcam and body camera footage the day after the traffic stop, only to to discover that the “BOOTY PATROL” decals and other insignia were emblazoned in the exact place where one would usually find “Border Patrol”.

“I pulled up a side-by-side photo of a Border Patrol vehicle and this subject vehicle and they were identical,” the deputy explained.

He dug deeper into the now-viral Booty Patrol truck and learned that Luviano-Renteria has had several past run-ins with other law enforcement officers across several counties in Florida.

“He uses this vehicle for publicity and followers and for fame,” he stated in an arrest report. “Watching the videos, I saw he has hashtags listed for ‘#immigration, #ice’ and talks about how his truck is illegal.”

Turns out, he also has a TikTok account that primarily features his truck.

On November 21, Luviano-Renteria was issued additional charges of impersonating law enforcement and obstructing police.

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