Fletcher Just Dropped Some Majorly Toned Pics Of Her Abs And Booty On IG

  • Fletcher posted Instagram pictures of herself onstage, flashing her strong abs in a bra and toned butt in ripped jeans.

  • The singer loves to be active as she performs, jumping around and climbing lighting rigs.

  • While Fletcher hasn’t said much about her health routines or diet, she definitely gets a workout on stage.

Fletcher has been performing nonstop in Canada this summer, and she’s made it clear that she’s holding nothing back.

While other celebs are hitting up Capri and floating around on their yachts, the 29-year-old dropped a ton of Instagram photos from her performance at the Osheaga festival to show everyone the hard work she’s been putting in. In the first photo, Fletcher’s wearing the coolest ‘fit featuring cut-out jeans that connect with shorts, a bra top, and a shrug sweater, while leaping across the stage and flashing her strong abs.

Another video shows her belting it out with the crowd as she shows off a hint of toned booty in those jeans. The rest of the IG carousel features shots of Fletcher giving her all onstage. “Chaos for Osheaga,” she wrote in the caption.

Fans went wild in the comments section. “Third pic – that is all, thank you 🫡,” one person wrote, while another said: “They say jump and Fletcher says how high.”

Fletcher has been all about the abs-baring ‘fits while performing. One recent look featured a cropped plaid blazer and shorts set with nothing but a bra underneath, showing how strong she is.

Aaand she recently wore an unbuttoned pink corset to give her audience a peek of her toned core. Fletcher paired the top with pants that have a thong design.

If you’re wondering how she gets so toned, you should know that Fletcher hasn’t said a ton about her workouts lately, but her performances are super physical. Like, check her out scaling a lighting rig as if it’s NBD back in June:

She’s also just next-level confident. “Embracing myself took a really long time,” she previously told People. “To finally be at a point where it feels like a celebration in my own skin is something that I am currently feeling [and] that other people have the capacity to feel too. Not only the capacity but the way that they also deserve.”

Fletcher also told Equinox that it’s important that her music resonates with her fans. “Visibility and feeling seen is empowering,” she said. “Representation is empowering. Lifting up other women is empowering.”

She feels a need to speak out on issues that matter to her, she shared with Harper’s Bazaar. “I don’t want to follow somebody who’s just completely neutral about everything and trying to get everybody to like them,” she said. “Everybody needs water. I’d rather be whiskey. Not everybody likes whiskey, but it’s got a kick and it’s got a bite and it’ll f*ck your day up.”

Food-wise, Fletcher hasn’t shared a ton of details about her day-to-day go-tos, but she had a salad and potato chips during a recent Paper magazine interview. This gal knows it’s all about balance.

Fletcher, everyone!

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