Flyana Boss Are Sprinting Toward World Domination

Flyana Boss are plotting world domination. “We want to create a whole Flyana Boss world,” the pair tell Teen Vogue over brunch in L.A., joined by their videographer Evan Blum, who brings to life their instantly-iconic running video format. With the recent virality of their single “You Wish” on TikTok, that shouldn’t be too hard.

Bobbi LaNea and Folayan Kunerede, who make up the hip-hop duo Flyana Boss, exude Black girl joy. Sitting at an outdoor table at Bacari in Sherman Oaks, Kunerede is wearing her signature elf ears with dangling Cowerie shells and African beaded earrings. She’s giving a pan-African wood nymph vibe in a beige knit crop top, her hair nestled on top of her head in a messy bun and orange wrap with two single braids in the front secured at the bottom with wooden beads and seashells. Her style is effortless.

“What happened to the braids you had yesterday?” asked their publicist after seeing her new ‘do. “It’s a wig,” she replied. The multi-faceted performer has become known for her eye-catching hair choices. That all tracks when at the end of brunch Kunerede drops the bomb that her mom, a well-known and accomplished hair braider in Dallas, used to braid Erykah Badu’s hair. Kunerede would sometimes help.

The yin to each other’s yang, Bobbi LaNea is effortlessly cool in a matching gray knit set, with her signature Herschel fanny pack slung across her chest. “Herschel needs to sponsor us, someone needs to reach out,” LaNea jokes. In a blink-and-you’d-miss homage to one of her inspirations Whoopi Goldberg, LaNea wears a pair of stud earrings with a picture of Ciely from The Color Purple on them. “They’re from Etsy,” she tells me as I snap a quick picture.

The duo’s unique styles in both fashion and music have become a Flyana Boss calling card. You never know what fashion moments they’ll give, or where the next line in one of their catchy pop-culture reference-filled bars will take you. “When we’re writing just us two together, I’ll yell out something hard, she’ll yell out something,” LaNea says. “She’ll say that’s hard, I’ll say that’s hard, and we’ll write it down and put it in the verse.”

That was the same formula used for “You Wish.” Working with up-and-coming producer Marky Style — “He touches everything we work on,” says Kunerede — and writer Ellrod, the duo felt safe and heard. Skeptical about working with writers given past experiences with co-writers who didn’t cater to the duo’s vibe, their collaboration with Ellrod was a refreshing experience. “He matched our weird,” Kunerede adds.

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Their weird has impassioned millions with schoolyard lyrics like “Hello Christ?/I’m ‘bout to sin again/I said I love you to that man but I’m not feelin’ him/I’m made of sugar, spice, kanekalon and cinnamon/Me and my bestie are the same/Like a synonym.” A calling card to Black girls everywhere and a meme in one, this verse and their accompanying running videos haven’t slowed down with their cultural impact. In the few weeks since we sat down in Los Angeles, the pair have since been featured on billboards in Times Square, snagged featured spots on Spotify and Youtube, and let the girls who don’t know in on what kanekalon means (Black girls, we know).

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