Forget Quiet Luxury, it’s time for Hot Sloth Summer

While we’ve all been banging on about quiet luxury, this low-effort look has emerged like a long forgotten sock from the bottom of the washing basket. We’re all addicted to our Uggs (see Bella Hadid in May wearing platform mini Ugg boots and – you guessed it – white pants), the 99p drug store stretchy black headband is a can’t-be-bothered-to-get-a-blow-dry hit (Hadid again, plus Kaia Gerber and Alexia Demie), and the most luxurious shoe on the Fall/Winter 2023 catwalk was Bottega’s sock.

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Street-styler Lucy Williams is going out in London in pink linen PJ bottoms, and Camille Charrière has been strolling around in wide-leg adidas trackies that drag on the floor. This is clearly the latest evolution of the Frazzled Englishwoman aesthetic, a micro trend that went viral on TikTok last winter, and honed in on Bridget Jones’s big pants, Kate Winslet’s skinny The Holiday scarves, and the habits of many women in Vogue House come Christmas (weeping at rom-coms, bingeing mince pies and inhaling eggnog).

Should you choose to embrace the inertia of this Hot Sloth Summer, we have just one piece of advice: remember that underwear should be washed above 30 degrees.

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