Founder Spotlight: Shavarra Davis, Owner of Melanated Beauty Spa Atlanta

The hustle mentality came early to Shavarra Davis, who at age 14 began doing hair out of her mother’s house.

Davis’ aunt was a registered nurse and would send clients to “her niece who does hair” whenever she received compliments on her hairstyles from coworkers. Davis quickly built up a full clientele.

Her desire to become an entrepreneur originated from growing up as the youngest of seven children in a single-parent household. “I constantly had hand me downs and was told that mom didn’t have enough money to pay for certain activities,” Davis said. “That was my drive to create a good financial situation for myself.”

Her first job was legitimizing her hustle, earning a cosmetology license and working in a salon, but after four years she transitioned to the insurance industry.

Now, as an established insurance executive, Davis never lost the desire to own a business. During the pandemic, she came across the business profile of Maghan Morin. Morin, who is based in Florida, is the founder of Melanated Beauty Spa. Morin had posted a video so captivating, that Davis just had to reach out to her.

“I realized that if I was going to achieve my dreams, I would have to do something uncomfortable,” Davis said.

Davis and Morin talked … for a while. They now joke about how they “dated” for 18 months before solidifying their relationship and agreeing that Davis would open her own location of Melanated Beauty Spa in Atlanta.

The spa, located in Castleberry Hill, services all skin types but is particularly focused on the skincare needs and challenges of people of color.

“For me it is a safe place for women and men of color to come and be pampered by people who actually understand their skin and are customizing services based off of their skin care types and needs,” Davis said.

The spa is also networking space for Black clientele. “We are trying to create an environment where people of color feel comfortable,” she said. “There was a need for a space like this.”

Davis said moving forward with her own entrepreneurial dreams has inspired her to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs. “I am passionate about creating representation in our community and showing our young entrepreneurs that it can be done and done in a professional manner,” she said.

She said she hopes to expand Melanated Beauty Spas throughout the state with the next planned location in Gwinnett County.

“I have devoted my life to trying to build this brand and trying to educate young people coming into the industry,” Davis said.

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