French “It” Girl Jeanne Damas Brings Her Parisian Clothing Brand Rouje To NYC

New York City’s bustling fashion scene is set to be invigorated by French “It” girl Jeanne Damas, who is bringing her renowned lifestyle brand Rouje to the heart of the Big Apple. Slated to open on August 28th, Rouje is not the first French label to grace New York. Still, its arrival signifies a unique convergence of two cultures that champion style, sophistication, and empowerment.

Damas, a fashion icon and entrepreneur, has captured the hearts of many since the launch of Rouje in 2016. Her timeless French elegance and the allure of the brand’s silhouette have already resonated with women across the U.S., making it one of the country’s most important markets. “I think the simplicity and allure of the Rouje silhouette is something women in America can relate to,” Damas says, highlighting the connection between her brand and the American market.

The opening of Rouje’s store on Broome Street comes after long anticipation, delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Opening in NYC was something I was planning to do for a long time, but then Covid happened, and we needed to postpone our plans,” Damas shared. This opening marks a significant step in weaving the retail side of Rouje into the tangible fabric of the city.

New York City has a history of embracing French labels, with many established brands, such as Sézane, Cire Trudon, Maison Kitsuné, Ba&sh, Atelier Cologne, Le Labo, Sandro, and Maje, already making their mark. However, Rouje’s entry into this vibrant scene goes beyond mere business expansion. It represents a fusion of Parisian chic and New York’s bold and liberated style, reflecting Damas’s own philosophy. “There is a feeling of freedom, and women in NYC dress in a very liberated and self-confident way, which I think is very inspiring,” Damas observes.

Damas is not just introducing her brand but sharing a personal, intimate experience. “I see Rouje as a lifestyle brand in the long term,” she states, emphasizing the importance of the physical store where customers can “feel the fabrics and try on the clothes right away.” Damas’s mission transcends clothing; she wants to create an environment where “women feel good” and find something for every taste, whether it’s a feminine dress, a perfect pair of jeans, or a boyish jacket.

Rouje’s entry into New York also reflects a broader cultural connection between France and America. The brand captures the essence of “French Girl style”, which Damas describes as revolving around “simplicity, not too sophisticated,” and timeless, well-cut pieces. By blending these elements with New York’s fashion-forward approach, Rouje is poised to bridge the gap between the two fashion capitals.

The convergence of these two cultures is not limited to clothing. Damas herself is a lover of New York’s art and culture, frequenting museums like MoMA and the Met, enjoying iced coffee during town walks, and discovering treasures at Dashwood Books.

Rouje’s opening promises to be more than just a retail event; it embodies Damas’s vision, a cultural exchange, and a celebration of feminine empowerment. With its blend of Parisian charm and New York boldness, Rouje’s arrival enriches the city’s fashion landscape and adds another layer to the rich tapestry of style that defines the relationship between these iconic cities. The Big Apple’s fashion lovers can look forward to experiencing French elegance with a contemporary twist as the French “It” girl’s brand takes its rightful place in one of the world’s fashion meccas.

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