French Tips, Expensive Nudes, & More Manis That Embody The “Quiet Luxury” Aesthetic

Over the last few months — and in part, as a response to Sofia Richie-Grainge’s decadent, yet simply chic South of France wedding — “quiet luxury” has become a trendy aesthetic, leaving its more understated mark in the world of beauty and fashion.

Countless A-listers have adopted the aesthetic (like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez, to only name a few). Though in the world of manicures, a few traditional nail polish shades have truly stood the test of time, popping up on beloved stars of the romanticized past and more modern runways alike.

Namely, “your nails but better” neutral hues that create the appearance of long, well taken care of hands and fingers are forever a staple in the world of “quiet luxury.” Though more vivid shades of traditional red that nod to the starlets of the 1950s (like Marilyn Monroe) can also read as quite elegant on one’s tips.

A major proponent of the quietly luxurious mani movement is Margot Robbie, who frequently opts for sheer pink shades and crisp French tips (even at the Met Gala). Kendall Jenner, too, has proven to be a major fan, often choosing neutral shades (in between her more colorful nail moments, of course).

From high-shine washes of “old money” scarlet hues, to elegant takes on classic French nails — below, find 17 chic “quiet luxury” nail art ideas that are clean and sophisticated, yet still a bit out of the box for the fashion-forward.


Glazed Donut French Tips

For subtle chromatic vibes, opt for eye-catching glazed French tips in lieu of traditional white hues.


Kylie Jenner’s Pearlescent Tips


“Red Nail Theory” Micro French


Hailee Steinfeld’s “Lip Gloss” Mani


Cozy Vanilla French Tips


Miranda Kerr’s Understated Floral Details

Nod to the luxury design house, Chanel, with tiny camellia flowers (like Miranda Kerr at this year’s Met Gala).


Gilded Invisible French Nails

Line your nails with invisible French details in shades of gold for a minimal mani moment (that’s actually pretty major).


Muted Baby Blue Hues

Worn by “quiet luxury” fans like Sofia Richie Grainge and Zendaya, these baby blue nails are colorful, yet still low-key.


Black-Lined Stiletto Tips

For the fans of ultra-long stiletto tips, try a pointed tuxedo French tip in a daring black polish shade.


Margot Robbie’s Barbiecore Sheer Pink


High Shine Cherry Red Hues

This Cherry Jelly sheer red polish à la Lights Lacquer creates juicy nails that shine.


A Touch Of Tortoiseshell

A classic design that is an ode to tortoiseshell sunglasses worn by ‘90s-era supermodels, these patterned tips are truly the epitome of luxe.


“Milk Bath” Manicure


Gilded 3D Chrome

Though a little bit bolder than a typical “quiet luxury” mani, this golden set screams all things luxurious (and will beautifully match some classy gold jewelry, too).


Charli D’Amelio’s Studded Frenchies

Elevate a classic French manicure with tiny rhinestones on each nail.


Luxury Plaid Print

Especially for the upcoming fall and winter months, a touch of Burberry-inspired plaid is a fun option to add a bit of luxe to your tips.


“Your Nails But Better” Hues

A tried-and-true staple for any “quiet luxury” mani, shopping polish shades that are close to your skin tone is a major must.

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