From Fiery Altercation to Leading Major Ships: Gen Z Baddies Angel and Ilebaye Heat Up #BBNaijaAllStars House

After a fiery altercation that had everyone talking, it seems the drama in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house has taken a turn towards romance. Gen Z baddies Angel and Ilebaye have left their altercation behind and are now sparking a new flame of love with Soma and Cross respectively.

In a moment that left everyone astounded, Cross and Ilebaye locked lips passionately in the swimming pool during the house’s second pool party. The video of their second kiss trended on the internet, and fellow housemates couldn’t help but stare with keen interest. It appears the drama between them has taken a romantic turn, leaving everyone curious about what’s next for this newfound ship.

Meanwhile, sparks were flying in the garden as reality stars Angel Smith and Soma had their tender moment. While chatting, Soma revealed that he thinks Angel can be crazy at times, to which she inquired further. Soma then sought her consent, asking if he could have a kiss before making his move. The romantic tension between the two has caught the attention of their fellow housemates and viewers alike.

On Monday, in a revealing diary room session, Angel Smith bared her feelings for Soma, confessing to having a soft spot for him. She shared that he’s the only guy who has truly understood her love language, which is the act of service. Angel opened up about her decision to pardon Soma instead of Mercy, considering her close bond with both housemates. Ultimately, her affection for Soma and his sweet gestures influenced her choice.

As romance takes center stage in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, viewers can’t wait to see what unfolds next. The love connections and surprises are keeping the house vibrant and the fans entertained. With sparks flying and hearts fluttering, the All Stars house is proving to be a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement.

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