Future’s 8 Most Overlooked Romantic Bars

Future is popularly known as the “toxic king” in the Hip-Hop community, and understandably so. He has a hedonistic approach to his relationships with women, and many believe he should seek therapy. They may be right, but even with concerns for what is going on internally, fans love how he consistently displays a disdain for commitment to one woman.

This era of music fans loves the toxic stuff and often craves it. Thus, many artists lean into these concepts. Sometimes, fans get so consumed in seeking out toxic lines for their Instagram captions, that they miss out on the moments when artists like Future show off their romantic sides.

There have been several flashes of this throughout his career, and VIBE is here to show you a different side of Hendrix. Read along as we look back at eight of Future’s most overlooked romantic bars on his 40th birthday (Nov. 20).

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