“Give it to some baddies so Poole goes off” – NBA fans clown Kyle Kuzma for courtside tickets giveaway

Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma will give two lucky Wizards fans an end-of-season gift, according to his recent tweet. As per Kuzma himself, he is giving away two tickets, and these aren’t just any regular tickets. They’re courtside tickets, so whoever gets them will be able to sit close to the action.

This is a rare opportunity as not everyone can easily afford to sit courtside at an NBA game. The Wizards’ upcoming matchup will be against the Detroit Pistons, which isn’t a high-profile game, but it’s still a wonderful opportunity for a fan to attend an NBA game.

While this is a heartwarming gesture from the Wizards forward, it still ended up being targeted by a couple of internet trolls, just as with all things on the internet. One of the targets was his teammate Jordan Poole, who has developed a reputation for playing very well in front of a certain type of audience.

“Give it to some baddies so Poole goes off,” one person tweeted.

Another fan joked about the value of these tickets, considering it’s between the bottom two teams in the Eastern Conference.

“I’ll pay $20 for you NOT to give them to me,” said the fan, putting an emphasis on how much they don’t want it.

Others took it even further, implying through their responses that watching a Wizards game is far from entertaining.

“Kyle Kuzma threatens to gift Wizards tickets to innocent fan,” one Twitter user joked.

However, not all the reactions to Kuzma’s ticket giveaway were from trolls, as it also attracted the attention of fans who want to watch him and the Wizards play.

“I will call out of my night job right now if needed,” one fan said, willingly risking their employment to watch the Wizards.

Regardless of the jokes, this is a wonderful gesture from the Wizards forward, and any fan who has never sat courtside at an NBA game before would be lucky to receive them.

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Kyle Kuzma will be facing the team he trolled through X earlier this season in Wizards’ next game

Earlier this season, Kuzma decided to clown around on X (formerly Twitter) at the Detroit Pistons’ expense.

To be fair to Kuzma, the Pistons were going through one of the toughest and ugliest stretches in franchise history at the time. However, Detroit got a measure of revenge when they briefly overtook the Wizards for the 14th spot in the Eastern Conference.

However, the Pistons are on another losing streak and have, once again, surrendered the second-to-last spot.

This isn’t noteworthy in terms of big accomplishments, but for two teams battling it out at the bottom of their conference, their back-and-forth might be one of the most interesting things that have happened this season.

The final chapter of their clash this regular season is coming to an end soon as the next game on the Wizards’ schedule is their last game against the Detroit Pistons this season.

Yes, that’s the same game that Kyle Kuzma offered courtside tickets to.

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