Glossy ‘Syrup Nails’ Are The Newest Viral Mani Sensation

Fans of the transparency and shine of jelly nails will love syrup nails. According to Jin Soon Choi, a celebrity nail artist and founder of the nail brand Jinsoon, syrup nails were given their name for a specific reason. “Syrup nails replicate the appearance of liquid syrup, akin to the glossy, high-shine finish of jelly nails,” Jin told Glamour. “Achieved using either gel or regular nail polish along with a glossy top coat, this nail style gives a lustrous, wet-like sheen across the nails. Given their fresh and lightweight nature, these nails have gained popularity as a trend suitable for everyday wear.”

Syrup nails are a huge trend in Korea, and it’s for a good reason. Anyone can incorporate these nails into their style to create a fun and interesting look, largely because you aren’t restricted to using a specific color. Whether you choose to go to a nail salon or try this trend at home, there are lots of options to choose from.

Bedazzle your nails

If you want to add a little fun to your next manicure, consider adding jewels. Jewels are a great way to make your design look more interesting and add some shine to your nails. If you’re not sure what to do, try mixing a few larger gems with smaller ones to create a playful look.

Turn it into a French tip

If you’re interested in remixing the classic French manicure, consider adding it to your syrup nails. The transparency of syrup nails complements the opaque French tip, creating a fantastic look. You can stick with the classic style by using white and pink, or you can try something daring by using darker colors to create a unique nail set.

Embrace 3D nail art

If you enjoy fun and unique designs, consider incorporating 3D nail art into your next syrup manicure. 3D nail art refers to anything that pops out against your nails, such as hearts, stars, or faces. These designs can be created by your nail technician or applied using 3D stickers during your manicure.

Create a new spin on blueberry milk nails

Ombré syrup nails

If you love colorful nails, ombré syrup nails are a great option to bring to your nail salon. These nails are amazing because they can be used to create baby boomer nails or a rainbow spectacle that is sure to capture attention. When going for this look, apply the lighter shade first, and then layer it with a darker color.

Add multiple colors to the mix

If you have a talented nail technician or are skilled at doing your own nails, try mixing colors to create a gorgeous effect. To achieve this look, apply your base coat and allow it to dry. Then, apply different colors to different parts of your nail and blend the edges slightly. You can leave it as is or add more nail polish to increase the opacity.

Let your nails take a dark turn

Although syrup nails are traditionally done with lighter colors, you can still incorporate them into a dark manicure. Black is a great color that adds an edge to any nail design. Consider incorporating opaque black nail art into your set to achieve a dimensional look.

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