Hailey Bieber tells us about Rhode’s first makeup launch

You’d never know Hailey Bieber is fresh off a flight from Tokyo and jet-lagged when she logs on to our Zoom call. She introduces me to Oscar, the puppy sitting in her lap, even though I can barely see his ears on the screen, and then dives right into the top-secret news—Rhode is launching makeup.

Before your imagination goes wild and into the realm of 40 foundations and a 100-shadow compact, remember: This is Bieber’s version of makeup, and the model and entrepreneur is known for things like glazed-donut skin and strawberry girl glow.

“I like the word ‘enhance’ because that’s how I do my makeup on a day-to-day basis,” Bieber says. “That’s how I would describe Rhode’s approach to makeup. We’re always going to be thinking ‘how can we enhance what you already have?’”

Because she knows Rhode fans love the OG Peptide Lip Treatment (it’s frequently sold out), it made sense to launch a pigmented version instead of doing something totally new, like a mascara or foundation.

“It took a very long time to create them because I wanted to keep the formula the exact same,” Bieber shares. “I’m not a chemist, so I thought it would be like, ‘just slap some color in there and let’s just go for it!’ It really wasn’t that easy.”

The result is the Peptide Lip Tint, which comes in four different shades. You can join the wait list on Rhode today, and buy the product on September 28, when it officially goes on sale. Below, Bieber elaborates on the significance behind each tint.

Shade Ribbon

“I was a dancer for 12 years, so Ribbon is a nod to my past life as a ballet dancer. I was wearing this one yesterday in Idaho with baggy pants on and a little tank, with a little pink on my cheeks, and I just felt like it was fresh and young and sweet.”

Shade Toast

“The shade Toast is a really good, subtle, sexy, wearable rose taupe. It’s my go-to for date nights, because I like to feel super sexy but very natural

Shade Espresso

“I’m a big coffee drinker, and the Espresso shade reminds me of a yummy, rich espresso coffee drink. This is your classic ‘90s lip look, and I like to wear it when I have on some really good vintage.”

Shade Raspberry Jelly

“If we’re going to have toast, we need to have something to put on it. That’s where Raspberry Jelly came from. This is what I’m wearing with slouchy denim and a white tee. If the fashion is super classic, I feel like a little pop of color is nice.”

Bieber also might have given us a hint to something coming in the near future: “Since the beginning, I’ve loved to show how I incorporate Rhode into my makeup,” Bieber says. “Like mixing the Peptide Glazing Fluid with my foundation as a fun hack.” Consider this us calling it.

Where to Shop

The Peptide Lip Tint wait list launches today and will officially be on sale September 28.

This article first appeared on www.vogue.com

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