Hailey Bieber’s Ditches the Glazed Look For Neon Flower Nails

Hailey Bieber has traded in her famous glazed-doughnut nails for the summer. On Aug. 2, the beauty entrepreneur posted a video of herself getting ready on TikTok. In the process of applying her skin-care routine, makeup, and styling her hair, Bieber flashed us a look at her stunning floral manicure.

Bieber stuck with her normal oval shape and used a sheer-pink color as a base of her design. For the nail art, she opted for abstract flowers in various bright colors on each finger. The look is reminiscent of the patterned tropical shirts you typically see people wearing on vacation, but somehow on the star, it manages to look chic.

Flower nails will always be on-trend for the spring and summer months, but Bieber’s version expertly demonstrates how to take the original and spin it on its head. Whether you want to take a page out of her book and go the abstract route or try a traditional floral mani, your options are endless. Jazz up a classic french manicure with the addition of floral decals or take the textured nails trend and make it your own by using crystals or pearls to create 3D flowers. For your mood-boarding needs, take a closer look at Bieber’s nails below.

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