Help save the environment and your money by shopping second-hand in East Dallas

Photo courtesy to Uptown Cheapskate

What better way to bring in the cooler weather than a new fall outfit. Thrifting in Dallas has become wildly popular. From DFW influencers, college students, families, thrifting can be an experience for anyone to save some cash on a new fall look.

Let’s be honest, shopping for clothes get expensive very quickly. Shoes can range anywhere from $20 to $40 in most shopping centers, tops becoming more expensive, and pants just as costly. As fast fashion grows in popularity, many shoppers convert to buying quick pieces of clothing at extremely low costs, neglecting other second-hand-eco-friendly places to buy clothing.

Purchasing items brand-new doesn’t seem like it would make a negative impact on the environment, but the unfortunate reality is there are many environmental costs that come with fast fashion.

According to the United Nations Programme, the pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the triple planetary crisis. Plastic fibers pollutants the oceans, the wastewater, toxic dyes, and the exploitation of underpaid workers.

There are multiple thrift store in our neighborhood to choose from as we begin to restock on fuzzy sweaters and jackets to face the rain and cool temperatures in September.

Here are some of the places our neighbors can choose from when buying second-hand clothing.

Goodwill Store

Goodwill is a long-standing nonprofit chain that has a range of pre-owned clothing, housewares, accessories, and more items. The store is located off of 1606 Greenville Ave.

Crossroads Trading 

The store is setup for customers to sell their trendy clothing and accessories for cash or trade credit. With 34 store locations across the US, Crossroads has led the resale fashion industry for 30 years.

Buffalo Exchange

The hip chain buys, sells, and trades trendy vintage and used accessories for both men and women. People can find the latest trends and styles, it is especially popular amongst the younger audience.

2nd Street Lower Greenville / Deep Ellum

For people who are more into street fashion, luxury accessories, and vintage designers, 2nd Street Lower Greenville and Deep Ellum may just be for them. The shop has a wide variety of items for sustainable shoppers.

Uptown Cheapskate University Park

People can bring in used clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for cash on the spot, and get deals on well-known brands. At Uptown, people will find new and gently used clothes from brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Express, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters and more at a fraction of retail prices.

When we thrift it helps to lessen resource consumption, fewer things are thrown away, and less chemical pollution.

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