Here’s How A Lip Liner Can Take Your Looks Up A Notch

If you’re not a fan of your lipstick moving all over the place, then a trusty lip liner is the way to go. Typically coming in the shape of a pencil, lip liner is designed to be applied to the outer edges of your lips to prevent your lipstick or lipgloss from smudging or bleeding outside the lines of your mouth (via MakeUpMuddle).

Other benefits of lip liner include preventing the pigment from fading throughout the day, and lip liner can also create a nicely shaped definition for your lips, making the process of applying lipstick more seamless. Lip liners can also take your look up a notch by making your lips look fuller, especially if you know how to overline them properly. (Just don’t overdo it!)

Lip liners come in a wide range of hues, including universal nude and clear tones. When choosing the best lip liner for you, it is best to pick one that most closely matches the lipstick you’re wearing to avoid a stark contrast.

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