Here’s How To Style The ’90s Grunge Aesthetic For Summer 2023

While the slip dress has never fully faded away from the fashion world, it is definitely having a resurgence this summer (and this comeback has perfect timing). While its slinky, often shiny, aesthetic might not seem particularly grunge, the key to achieving that true ’90s grunge edge lies in the messiness of the look. 

Layering a slip dress with a jacket, flannel, or oversized sweater can help you achieve the relaxed look that was so popular among grunge queens like Winona Ryder and Courtney Love. Another styling choice could include wearing mismatched accessories for added contrast. Finding the right balance to the chaos is key. Ultimately, keeping the contrasting elements of your outfit to a minimum will ensure you’re grunge-inspired without veering too far into the just-woke-up territory.

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