“HILARIOUS”: RHOP fans left in splits as Carlos King calls the show Baddies: Potomac in light of recent brawl

Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) is filming season 8 and is close to wrapping it up. However over the weekend, the cast got together at the launch of Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Derby’s launch party for their clothing line.

Also present were Deborah and Keiana, friends of the cast members whose personal issues got the best of them as they got into a full-blown brawl. Carlos King recently took to Youtube to spill the tea about the physical altercation and started calling the Bravo show, Baddies: Potomac due to the intensity of the fight.

One fan found it hilarious, tweeting:

“Carlos king calling #RHOP Baddies Potomac is HILARIOUS!!”

Fans took to social media to react to Carlos renaming the show and called it hilarious.

Carlos King renaming RHOP and shading Deborah Williams gets hilarious reactions online


During a recent Youtube video, Carlos King recapped the infamous Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) fight that broke the internet over the weekend. During the segment, he decided to start calling the bravo show to Baddies: Potomac, given the intensity of the altercation.

He compared the fighting and hair-pulling to what fans often witness during the Zeus network show. He said:

“I’m no longer calling the Real Housewives of Potomac, that. Your new name is Baddies: Potomac. Executively produced by Natalie Nunn, Jocelyn Hernandez, Tommy Lee and Floyd Mayweather.”

Later in the video, he noted that “it started with Deborah” and that she was on life support. He noted that he didn’t mean to throw shade but that she was not thirsty or dehydrated but on life support. He went on to say that she was in a coma and needs a ventilator while referring to her desire to be on RHOP.

He continued:

“That’s how much on life support and the need for oxygen Deborah has. Deborah may go down in history as the thirstiest friend of, that has never seen a contract in her life.”

Carlos went on to address Williams directly and told her that he wasn’t mad at her but that she “better work”.

Here are some hilarious fan reactions on Twitter:

And not Carlos King saying that #RHOP should be on Zeus 🤣🤣🤣

I know this the 4th consecutive season where we’ve had physical altercations on 🥂

🌸 but can we relax? The ladies are just messier than ever before.

@thecarlosking_ Cracking up when you said she’s not thirsty or dehydrated, she’s on life support 😭
@thecarlosking_ I dont always agree with you but Baddies of Potomac 🤣🤣🤣
@tvdeets Carlos King is right, this is Baddies: Potomac at this point but if a signed FOH was stupid enough to put hit Deborah in the face and got mopped, it is what it is. Some people are here for the smoke. #RHOP

Fans took to social media to react to Carlos King’s video about RHOP’s recent brawl and called his recap of the same hilarious and told him that he needed to add “stand-up comic” to his resume.

Keiana and Deborah threw hands

Recently, the RHOP cast gathered to celebrate the launch of Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Derby’s activewear line and while the celebration started on a happy note, where there are housewives, there is trouble.

Keiana/Deborah fight #RHOP candiace video

During the event, Keiana Stewart and Deborah Williams were involved in a physical altercation with Candiace Dillard Bassett in the middle.

Allegedly, Candiance and Deborah were arguing about Chris Basset when Keiana go into the frame. TV Deets says that while Keiana threw the first punch, Deborah could have the last laugh.

Keiana reportedly needed to be hospitalized after the fight, as she ended up getting hit on the head and needed stitches. The mess didn’t stop there. After the fight, Deborah Williams took to social media to seemingly call out Keiana after the RHOP brawl. She wrote that she left her nail in her ponytail that she “unsuccessfully” could not rip out:

“LMK if you’d like it back now let someone leak the whole video cuz that floor work sure was something wasn’t it SPECIAL K. Did you enjoy your ambulance ride (ouch)”

Stay tuned for more updates about RHOP season 8.

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