Hop on the Jane Birkin accessory trend with these luxury bag charms

The late actress Jane Birkin is beloved for her influence on French culture, especially in film, music, as well as fashion. It’s not difficult to see how that came to be when one considers her contributions to all three aspects, especially in the latter through the iconic Birkin bag and a resurgence of her signature laid-back approach to chic elegance, replete with bag charms that are in trend in 2024.

Quite possibly one of the most easily recognisable purveyors of ‘French girl chic’, a sartorial typecast defined by easy, pared-down apparel, minimal yet tasteful makeup, and a dose of abstract je ne sais quoi. Of course, let us not forget one ubiquitous accessory for the Jane Birkin aspirant on the go: a well-worn, well-loved leather handbag, personalised with trinkets, charms, and momentos galore that indicate a life well-lived.

Despite being the progenitor of the Birkin bag, Jane Birkin herself owned only a handful of the designer bags throughout her lifetime, opting to request a new piece from Hermes only when the one in her possession became irrevocably irreparable from use.

And use it she did, making no effort to treat the extortionately expensive bag like a treasured bauble under lock and key. Instead, her Birkin bag was often photographed filled to the very brim with her belongings, slouching and dipping askew, but made all the more charming by the assortment of stickers and keychains picked up from her travels that were dangled off the bag.

Now, fashion houses are beginning to take note of her genius by adopting the same approach to some of their newer collections, with French couture maison Balenciaga, led under the stewardship of Creative Director Demna Gvasilia, most prominently launching a new, pre-distressed handbag with its assortment of keychains and charms. Similarly in Miu Miu and Coach, the same trend emerged in their latest runway presentations, where models were seen holding overstuffed, over-accessorised bags ala Jane Birkin.

If you’re looking to re-create this very same bag charm trend, then be sure to check out our recommendations for some of the most endearing and collectable designer bag charms that you can splurge on right now.

13 enchanting bag charms to splurge on for your designer bag


Hermes Orange Bag Charm

Speaking of Jane Birkin and her affinity for trinkets, it is only reasonable to start our search for ornamental totems from the very house of Hermes. One especially enduring bag charm released by the maison is the Orange Bag Charm, which is meant to resemble the iconic orange paper bags used to house customer purchases from any Hermes store. Of course, this version is crafted out of a combination of lambskin and calfskin, as opposed to paper.

Fun fact: did you know that orange became synonymous with Hermes, after the label switched to printing their packaging with the only colour that was available during the Second World War?


Hermes Rodeo PM Bag Charm

Paper bag aside, another key heritage of the Hermes label is its equestrian heritage. After all, before Hermes was renowned the world over for its handbags, they were already beloved among European nobility for manufacturing high-quality equestrian essentials ranging from saddles to even glycerin soaps for leather cleaning. The horse-shaped Rodeo bag charm, made of lambskin and calfskin leather pays tribute to this facet of the brand’s history and can be purchased in a variety of colour combinations to best suit your bag.

If opulence is the name of your bag charm game, then you’ll be remiss not to check out Louis Vuitton’s offerings in this regard. The Fleur de Monogram chain is especially noteworthy for being one of the brand’s most recognisable bag ornaments, sporting gold links adorned with their signature motifs that dangle in precious whimsy. It is meant to be clipped between two handle attachments, allowing the chain to drape across a bag’s front fascia.

Given its reputation as one of the fashion industry’s most illustrious labels still in operation, Louis Vuitton maintains many house codes to its name, from the classic monogram to the use of its signature untreated vachetta leather. But among one of the more modern facets of its identity is the Vivienne mascot, introduced in 2017 as an expression of the maison‘s youthful, effervescent verve.  Today, it is most typically found in their collection of home decor as well as bag charms, with the Vivienne Hawaii iteration being particularly adorable for featuring the mascot wearing a miniature floral lei, in addition to its very own downsized Louis Vuitton Alma bag!


Dior 30 Montaigne Bag Charm

Resplendent in polished gold-tone hardware, the Dior 30 Montaigne Bag Charm is a must-have for fashion connoisseur who considers themselves a fan of the Designer of Dreams. In line with Monsieur Dior’s affinity for superstition, this bag charm chain comes replete with hallmark symbols of the house, such as the bee, five-pointed star, and four-leaf clover, all of which are suspended in a delicate drape on an engraved chain. Clip each side against your Lady Dior’s bag handles and bring a glimmer of luck with you wherever you go.

INR 53781.39

Not all bag charms serve as mere ornaments. Some, such as the Saint Laurent Gaby Mini Purse Key Ring, offer a great deal of functionality as well. This diminutive pouch has been designed to feature a subtle diamond quilt on supple lambskin, overlaid with the Parisian label’s signature Cassandra logo. Pop the polished gold kiss-lock closure open, and there’s just about enough space for some spare change, ideal for when you don’t want to rummage into your bag for a coin or two.

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INR 43358.09

During the mid-2010s, Italian furrier and fashion house Fendi ushered in a similar period of interest and obsession over bag charms when they debuted their Monster line, made out of round puffs of fur that featured triangular eye cutouts to resemble tiny creatures. While the Monster line has since been discontinued, the label continues to produce fresh new bag charm designs such as the Fortune Teller charm. Made of Nappa leather, it was inspired by the childhood game of the same name that uses a paper version of the origami design.

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INR 68372.38

How about a bag charm that doubles as a bag? Enter the Fendi Nano Baguette. By shrinking down the proportions of their Y2K staple, the Italian luxury label has created what would constitute a bag charm that can also double as a diminutive crossbody bag with its additional crossbody chain. But of course, we think it looks best when clipped on a bag handle, especially if you happen to own a full-sized Baguette bag, for a double-trouble moment.

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INR 70681.51

Reviving the bag charm movement with much aplomb is Demna Gvasalia’s latest collection for Balenciaga, which saw an array of bag styles debuting with so many of these ornamental trinkets that they begin to weigh down against the leather itself. You too can join the bandwagon by purchasing their latest Charms Belt, which features a heart-shaped mirror and a Le Cagole zippered pouch, that can both be detached from the belt and worn on any bag of your choice.

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JW Anderson knows what it takes to create an air of whimsy, as evidenced by his body of work at the Spanish label Loewe. If you count yourself a fan and wish to bring a touch of that magic with you wherever you go, consider snapping up one of their new bag charms, of which the Pea Pod is perhaps the most distinctive. Constructed of calfskin dyed bright green and appearing to share almost identical proportions with its real-life counterpart, this decorative pea pod contains small spheres of jade, adding to its opulence.


Christian Louboutin Lipstick Keyring

Shoemaker to the stars and international high society Christian Louboutin has built a footwear empire unlike any other, with his iconic red-bottom heels easily synonymous with luxury. Most recently, his brand has also made its foray into beauty by releasing an assortment of products within the space, with his lipsticks and nail polish being the most coveted. Now you can bring a glimmer of that beauty with you by purchasing the Lipstick Keyring, which shares its shape with the brand’s lipstick packaging.


Mulberry Polar Bear Keyring

British leatherware brand Mulberry has been synonymous with reliably made, sensibly designed luxury bags for quite some time now. Staples such as the Bayswater and Alexa are reflective of that, with their ability to weather the changing tides of fashion. But that isn’t to say that they’re incapable of playing into light-hearted fantasy either. A great example of this comes in the shape of their polar bear-shaped keyring, which comes with a zippered opening to keep small valuables nestled within.


Coach Heart Coin Purse

If there is one thing that American leather goods brand Coach knows how to do well, it’s creating fun pieces that appeal to the present, while being robust enough to last well into the future. A tiny testament to that craftsmanship can be found in their Heart Coin Purse, made out of supple pebbled calf leather dyed bright red. Offering decent capacity for a few tiny bits and bobs, this can be hooked onto your bag using the available piston clasp for a touch of cheer that doesn’t skimp on practicality.

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