How To Beat CEL 240 In Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Now that you’ve mastered the majority of the bosses in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, it’s time to get yourself prepared for the mother of all baddies in this intense action game: CEL 240. While BALTEUS may have already been bad enough to try and command the battlefield against, CEL 240 takes the cake as easily the most difficult boss available in the game. Let’s find out some of the best loadouts available for this boss, and some great starts to see your way through the biggest and boldest battle yet.

Armored Core 6: CEL 240 Boss Guide & Recommended Loadout

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The CEL 240 is one of the smallest bosses in the game, but my goodness, they hit the hardest out of anyone that you’ve encountered yet. They’re fast, nimble, and ready to bring you down if you take even a moment of rest. However, you can change the tide of the battle quickly by bringing the following weapons to the battle:

  • Right & Left Arm: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
  • Right & Left Back: VE-60SNA

You can start the battle off on the right foot and bring the CEL 240 down to near half health at the start of the fight if you’re able to catch them as soon as they rise with your shoulder weapons. Now, what kind of body should you bring? I was able to defeat the CEL 240 with the following build:

  • Head: HC-3000 WRECKER
  • Core: VP-40S
  • Arms: DF-AR-09 TIAN-LAO
  • Legs: DF-LG-08 TIAN-QIANG
  • Booster: ALULA/21E
  • FCS: FC-008 TALBOT
  • Generator: VP-20D

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1) Memorize CEL 240’s Patterns And Don’t Be Afraid To Attack

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There is a reason why CEL 240 is being referred to as the Malenia of the Armored Core series, and that’s because of her intense attack patterns. CEL 240 is unforgiving, but if you’re willing to die a few times to learn the attack patterns, you’ll be on the fast track to learn about their moves. A few quick dodges here and there can help you avoid taking too much damage, so you can continue pushing through while causing plenty of damage. One helpful tip I have: during CEL 240’s blade attacks, pay attention to how they’re throwing. If they’re throwing multiple blades, don’t commit to a direction, rather switch between juking left and right. If they’re throwing the X blades, however, hard commit to a direction and keep dodging until you can escape the radius of the attack.

2) Keep CEL 240 Stunned As Much As Possible

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As with many bosses available to fight in Armored Core 6, you’ll want to try and keep CEL 240 stunned as much as possible. Using the VE-60SNA, you can almost instantly stun this boss and lay down massive damage straight away at the start of the fight. Bringing CEL 240 down to almost half health straight away is an incredible feeling, and can give you quite a boost at the start of this particular match. As we mentioned in our previous tip, you’ll find the CEL 240 sometimes charges up before releasing a brutal attack, so use your Stun Needles to your advantage and chip away from there.

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3) Don’t Be Afraid To Die, It’s A Learning Experience

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CEL 240 is the first, and so far, the only boss in Armored Core 6 that has dual phases. After you’ve taken them down the first time, you’ll have a few moments to get your health back to normal and start your crusade once again. Here’s the thing, though: CEL 240 gains more power through this second phase, and it’s terrifying. You’ll likely die, and you need to accept that fact. It’s a learning experience, and it can teach you some excellent skills and tips and will show you what you need to avoid in the future. Keep rolling forward, 621. You’ve got this.

No matter if you’re still stuck on BALTEUS and just looking forward to seeing what is coming in the future, Armored Core 6 is an adventure for the ages. From the smallest characters that you encounter to the most terrifying bosses on this side of Elden Ring, make sure that you’re checking out our Armored Core 6 section below to get your hands on countless tips to ensure you can become the best mech pilot around.

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