How To Fill Out Your Sparse Brows (Even If You Barely Have Any To Begin With)

If you follow makeup trends, you’ll know that feathery soap brows have been having their moment in the sun. While those with thicker brows have been having an easy go of it, sparse brows haven’t been as lucky – that is, until now. Helen Phillips, the national artist for Sephora Collection, breaks down the necessary steps to achieve this look with thin, barely-there brows.

To start, use a brow powder to fill in any empty space along the natural shape of your brow bone. With a more powder-heavy look, your brows will seem more naturally full, more so than they would if you only used a pencil. Still, you don’t want to forego the pencil entirely. Sparse brows require more products than other eyebrow types, especially when you’re going for that natural, feathery look. In her tutorial, Phillips uses a fine brow pencil, flicking upwards to create a “hair-like effect.” The ultimate goal is to give the eyebrows more dimension, rather than simply drawing them on.

When you’re taking pains to create a faux-feathery look, don’t neglect your actual brows! Phillip recommends using a brow gel as the finishing touch, to fluff them up and keep them in place. Just make sure that the brow gel you use is either clear, or the same color as your other makeup products, so the look remains smooth and cohesive. If there’s more makeup concentrated in one area, comb through your brows with a spool to even them out.

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