How to get a boostpack in Starfield

In Starfield, one of your primary pieces of gear is your pack — a your backpack oxygen tank thing that has different buffs and effects on it. Notably, some packs come with “boostpacks” on them, which sounds like a jetpack but is essentially just a glorified double-jump.

However, you can only use this boostpack feature if you take the Boost Pack Training skill, allowing you to use it. If you don’t take this skill, your pack a regular ol’ backpack oxygen tank thing with buffs.

Where to find boostpacks

You can find packs with the “basic boostpack” ability in tons of different places. You get the Constellation Pack (which has basic boostpack functionality) as a reward for completing early main quests. We also found a ton of packs with the basic boostpack ability from just looting space pirates and other baddies pretty soon after starting the game.

You can check on your packs by opening your inventory, selecting the Packs submenu, and then hovering over each to see which has boostpack abilities. Note that not every pack has the ability to be used as a boostpack. To wit:

A Starfield character showing several different pack options in a menu

Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon

How to use boostpacks

After taking at least one rank of Boost Pack Training in the Tech skill tree, you can start boosting by pressing jump twice while in your space suit. You can only boost if you have at least one rank of this skill.

At higher ranks, the boostpack will use consume less fuel and regenerate its faster. Fuel isn’t a real tangible resource that you have to fill or find — it just regenerates quickly over time when you’re not using it.

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