I Found 5 Ways to Copy Hailey Bieber’s Mocha Brown Manicure, From $3

There was a moment this summer where I was really obsessed with nail art — like hyper-detailed, 3D nail art. That led me to get a manicure that boasted different colors, patterns, and textures on each nail; while it looked good on its own, it pretty much clashed with everything in my closet except a plain white tee. It also wrecked my nails, which went from strong and healthy to paper-thin and peeling. So now I’m back to my regularly scheduled, single-color manicures — and Hailey Bieber is serving as my nail inspo.

The model has really become one of the nail girls to follow — she’s always donning stunning manicures I want to copy. While her spring and summer looks this year consisted of bright, bold hues — including neon green and lemon yellow — she’s recently started leaning into classic autumnal shades, with one chocolatey manicure catching my eye.

Earlier this week, Bieber posted a series of photos to Instagram where she can be seen rocking a mocha brown mani. The basic but kind of unexpected shade looked chic against her crisp white button up and complimented her brunette bob — and I immediately needed to recreate it. So I found five coffee-inspired nail polishes you can grab on Amazon today to get the look, with prices starting at just $3.

OPI Nail Lacquer, Espresso Your Inner Self


I will forever be an OPI girl, whose nail lacquer boasts more than 13,000 five-star ratings at Amazon. The brand’s polish glides onto nails seamlessly and offers a shiny, just-left-the-nail-salon finish with good staying power. “It lasted for a week without chips,” wrote one person. To get Bieber’s look, I’d recommend the Espresso Your Inner Self shade, which looks like you added a splash of milk to your favorite dark roast coffee. According to one shopper, this is “a perfect fall color” that has “no bad undertones — just a beautiful espresso!”

Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish, Cold Brew Crew


For an on-the-go mani, grab Essie’s Expressie polish in the shade Cold Brew Crew. This polish is designed to rapidly dry, with shoppers reporting that it “dries in less than a minute.” One person even said that they “can do a last-minute polish, wait for a minute, and then head to [their] event.” Plus, customers say that even without a top coat, it lasts. “I don’t need to use a top coat because this polish is nice and shiny and stays that way,” wrote one fan, adding that it “also covers and settles really evenly with no ridges or streaks.”

Beetles Gel Nail Polish, Beyoncé Caramel


If you’re an at-home gel person: 1) Please send me your tips and tricks, and 2) the Beetles polish in Beyoncé Caramel is the brown shade to get, per shoppers. According to one customer, this shade is “the perfect neutral for brown skin girls,” adding that “everyone in the salon” was obsessed with the “perfect” color. And as far as its staying power goes, shoppers claim that their manicures last three-plus weeks. “I’ve tried other gels and they always lift within a week, [but] Beetles’ usually last me three weeks with no lift,” reported one person.

Pretty much everything Bieber does or wears becomes a trend, so I’m expecting mocha manis to be the next big thing. Shop more colors inspired by her look, below.

Londontown Lakur Nail Polish, Teak


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish, Rose Bold


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