I paid $6 for a purse at Goodwill – the brand makes it thousands

A LUCKY shopper has found a purse that might be worth thousands of dollars for just a few bucks.

TikTok creator Tamala Renee recently showed on her channel @itstamalarenee a brown purse she purchased for $6 at her local Goodwill outlet.

Tamala Renee stumbled on a potentially valuable purse at Goodwill


Tamala Renee stumbled on a potentially valuable purse at GoodwillCredit: tiktok/itstamalarenee

In the video, Tamala claimed the purse did not look all that extraordinary to the average eye.

Yet, she was shocked by what she found when she opened its main flap.

The purse had Celine, marked on the inside making it – if authentic – a purse made by the super-luxury Celine brand.

Celine purses and handbags almost exclusively sell for more than $1,000, with some going for $5,000 or more.

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Tamala acknowledged she needed to get the bag authenticated before fully celebrating.

Yet, a fan on her channel was sure she had scored big time.

“That is a Céline Teen Classic bag! Retails anywhere from $3700 to $4300!! Some ppl have all the luck!! Awesome find!” the follower raved on her page.

Tamala said she does not resell her thrifted treasure, but another fan mentioned that maybe should change if that’s a true Celine bag.

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“This would be my first day of reselling,” the fan said.


While Tamala said she does not look to resell her thrifting scores for profits, many thrifting experts do just that regularly.

Some even turn it into a full-time job.

While some simply flip their diamonds in the rough, others fix up formerly valuable antiques.

One thrifter was able to make a $385 profit renovating and selling an old humidor he found abandoned on the side of the road.

In another video, he purchased an antique ticket booth for $100 and flipped it for $500.

He made both sales on Facebook Marketplace.

And Tamala is far from the only shopper to find potentially expensive handbags at Goodwill.

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Another TikTok creator bought a potentially $9,000 purse for just $6, too.

Some Goodwill shoppers even find and flip large pieces of furniture.

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