I Thought This Nail Trend Was Over—These Timeless Designs Just Convinced Me Otherwise

When it comes to fast-moving beauty trends, nail art is as speedy as they come. Trending colours come and go faster than I can call the nail salon to have my gels removed, and what one celebrity might have been spotted with on the red carpet one month will be “dated” by the next. Of course, all that aside, I’m a firm believer in wearing whatever on your nails makes you happy—milky neturals might be in right now, but a punchy pillarbox red mani will always be my go-to. And while coquettish floral designs may work for some, I’m all about a simplistic approach to nail art. 

However, there’s one nail look that will always be popular and that’s the humble French tip. Already named as one of the nail styles set to dominate this spring, the timeless French manicure transcends trend cycles and remains one of the most-requested looks in salons year-on-year. Why? Well, it’s much in part to the sheer versatility of the style. The classic neutral base and chic white tip will always be timeless, but you can experiment with everything from tip colour to nail shape to create a really personalised manicure that works for you. “It leaves scope to be updated with many variations in depth and different colour ways,” explains session manicurist Ami Streets. “And it therefore remains on trend and contemporary whatever the season.”

Ahead, we caught up with Streets for her expert predictions on the French tip manicure trends that are going to be everywhere in 2024.

1. The Classic French

Iram Shelton wearing classic French tip manicure trend

“The original and now iconic French manicure, consisting of a sheer pink tinted base and clean soft white tips was created as a go-with-everything nail look on a film set in 1975,” explains Streets. “I think the simplicity of the design has been key to it becoming a classic that has really stood the test of time and in my opinion will never date.”

2. Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz French manicure nail trend

“I think a great indicator is always looking at colour trend forecaster Pantone and 2024 is the year of Peach Fuzz,” says Streets. “This pretty pastel peach shade signifies warmth, and is the perfect soft colour for the spring/summer season in particular.”

3. Animal Print

Cow print French tip manicure trend

“Leopard print is set to be huge for the upcoming year and is easily translatable from catwalk and street style to an on-trend nail look,” says Streets. “It looks super cute as a French tip.”

4. Neutral Hues

Iram Shelton with neutral hue French tip manicure trend

“If animal print feels a little wild you can always pay homage to the look by picking your favourite tonal colours in varying shades of caramel, chocolate brown or tan,” suggests Streets.

Silver metallic french tips nail trend

“Mixed metal chromes have been seriously trending and I think will continue into 2024,” says Streets.

6. Sculpted Nail Art

Black tipped 3D detail French manicure nail trend

“Another on trend look that’s huge right now is 3D and sculpted nail art, which works so well with metallics,” says Streets.  “A combination of the two will add interest and an artistic angle to the standard French tip style and offer the opportunity to be super creative in your design.”

7. Balletcore

Pink balletcore French tips manicure trend

“Ballet core is also a huge trend for spring particularly, with a focus on delicate pink tones in different textures and finishes from iridescent to creamy and glazed,” explains Streets. “Great news for those that love a groomed and natural looking colour that goes with anything.”

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