‘I wanted to save money on manicures, so I tried the nail product going viral on Instagram.’

However, I was definitely aware that all these nail appointments were adding up, and in the name of cozzie livs, I had to stop. Or at least… try to curb my habit. But do you know how sh*tty your nails look when you get SNS taken off and nothing to… replace it?

It’s bad. Very very bad. 

Meanwhile, the manicure gods had obviously heard my plight, as I was being served *constant* posts on Instagram about a thing called ‘semicured gel nail stickers‘. They were cute. They were significantly cheaper than going to the salon every second Saturday. They were making some big promises.

So I decided to give them a crack.

What are Gellae DIY Semicured Gel Nail Stickers?

There are a few brands floating around doing semicured nail stickers, but I’d been seeing Gellae pop up a lot and went with them. But basically, semi-cured gel nail stickers are gel nail polish (aka shellac), but in sticker form. They look kinda like press-ons, but they’re… not. They have the feel of stickers: thinner, softer, way more malleable.

Semi-cured gel nail stickers are, well… exactly that. They’re made of gel polish, and then cured 60 per cent of the way, making them super flexible and as easy to put on as sticking nail-shaped stickers to your nails. You literally peel them off the sheet, stick it to your nail, cure under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds, and then file to the right shape. 

How did you go with it? 

After having my latest round of SNS removed, I tried to restrain myself from racing home to get these bad bois on my fingies. Surely I should let my real nails b-r-e-a-t-h-e for a minute? But I’m impatient, so after a couple of hours, I just went ahead and dived right in.

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